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im new!!

Hi everyone,
This is my first day on lipotrim and would be grateful for any advice and anything thats instore for me please!
Im Nicky, 38 and weigh 15 3lbs.
I have tried every diet going and decided to give this a go as it takes away food and that sounds good to me!!!
Look forward to any replies
Nicky xx:D
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Good luck Nicky, I too had tried all the diets with varying successes, but this one is the only one where I have reached goal (nearly there) its an amazing diet and does work quickly if yo stick to it 100 %. Plus the people on this forum are very helpful. xx
Hi Nicky, and welcome . Drink your water it will become your best friend and when you get fed up of plain water try fizzy water. The first week is not 'nice' but keep telling your self you just need to get to that first weigh in and you will get the motivation to carry on. If you get a headache you can take paracetamol and do try to be extra nice to yourself for the next 7 days. Finally when you get a horrible taste in you mouth you will know you have hit ketosis and the cravings should ease off, do come on the forum lots! You will get loads of support and tips and hints from everyone. Good luck xx
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Hi Nicky, welcome to the best site you'll ever find and the best bunch of mates that are there for you whenever the going gets tough and , make no mistake it will!

Tips from me, drink the water and stay out of the kitchen if at all possible until you've gotten through the first few days and feel stronger. Go for a long bath at night when your resolve is weak and get stuck into a good book or start knitting again, anything to stop your fingers think that they should be dipping into a bag of crisps!

You're not supposed to jump on the scales but I'm afraid that I do, every morning without fail, as do several others and it keeps me going.

You can do this sweetheart, stay on here as much as possible and be truly inspired by how amazingly well some people have done and are continuing to do. There's bound to be someone else starting today that you can buddy up with forneven more support.

Good luck, look forward to hearing about your fabulous weight losses x
Hello & welcome Nicky,

Lipotrim is fantastic, but it can be tough to begin with. Take each day as it comes & come on here for support and any questions you may have. Try to sip your water throughout the day to help with hunger and to stay hydrated

Good Luck!
Clair x
Thanks so much 4 all ur replies.
Have been on and off here all day just trying to get through the first day!!
I am hungry but not as bad as i thought i wud be, been drinking water and now on a black coffee.
I have a 3 year old and im finding it tough getting through this first day with her....lol, feel like i cud sleep 4 a few hours and feel a little better.
Headache not as bad as i thought although im sure it cud appear at any time!!!
Will love to keep in touch with you all for support cause i think im gonna need it!!!!
Well done Nicky and Big D for getting this far, in my first week I used to go to bed so early just to get to the next day. Keep up the good work, You can do this! xx
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Welcome graciefields and bigdaddy. :) :)

I too had a headache on days 2 & 3,but i took 2 paracetamol and haven't had one since (touch wood!).

You will have good days and bad days, but the people on here are fantastic at spurring you on.

Although you may not believe it, it really does get easier as time goes on, and the weight loss gives you a huge boost to continue x

Good luck on your Lipotrim journey x
Hi big daddy...keep up the good work, i think if we crack the first day then we are on on our way to great weight loss!!!
Haha Daisy, i already said to my DH i wud be having early nites to get through the first few days!!!
welcome Nikki ! stick on the forums, drink water and have your shakes and dont deviate in anyway! you will be seeing the results very soon x
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cheers guys, not ate anything since 7pm last night and it aint been to bad, i think the hardest will be trying to get sleep while being starving!!!!

irish molly

Maintaing LT loss on GL
S: 21st0lb C: 12st12lb G: 12st12lb BMI: 27.4 Loss: 8st2lb(38.78%)
Gracie and bigD lots of luck to you both on your TFr journey. don't look too far ahead, se some mini goals for yourselves. Take it a day at a time. Once you get to your first weigh in and see the results you will be soooo happy.
Keep very busy the first week to avoid temptation. Drink water throughout the day and have at least three litres. Your body will be detoxing this week so be prepared for feeling totally crap, headachy and a general misery. It will pass, just keep up the water, take a couple of paracetamol if necessary and you will be fine.
look forward to the new you!! It is so worth it!

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