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Im new



Otherwise known as Jools
Hiya Chrissie,

Welcome aboard this crazy train to a slimmer more beautiful you :)

Well done on your loss so far - that should be good motivation to carry on and keep going. Just try not to weigh yourself every day - try to stick to once a week.

Take it one day at a time and each day is one step nearer to your goal.

Good luck and come on Minis regularly for tips, advice or even if you want to just have a rant or a moan - after all - we are all in the same boat.

I take it from your name you have a wedding coming up??
If you have got through the first few days TS in one piece then half the battle into ketosis in won and you will soon start to feel on top form again..
I wanted to eat my own fingers on day 4 but i'm into my 4th week and loving the scales for the first time in years xxxxxx
Good luck and welcome xxxx


Here we go again!
Hi and welcome. In my opinion you're over the hardest part of this. You've lost a lot already so that should really spur you on. If you can stay away from the scales, that boost on weigh day once a week is really great.

Good luck, stay positive and keep in mind why you are doing this. Good luck!
yes i am getting married in june 2012 i cant wate getting very excited and the thought of getting into a nice wedding dress is whats keeping me going
Hi Chrissy,
Well done for getting throught the 1st few days. They are the worst, but keep going, it does get a whole lot easier. Im on Day 8 & Im never hungry now, infact Im sure my stomach has shrunk as I am so full after my shakes! If you do really have to eat, have a look at the stickys on here that tell you what you can eat and drink & still stay in ketosis. That way, if you have the odd slip up it wont affect your weightloss too much. And remember to drink as much water as you can. It really does help. Good Luck for the wedding. I wish I had a nice goal like that to aim for! xxx
I'm a fellow Chrissy and a Mrs Barker to be. We are also wanting ro get married in 2012 but haven't set a date yet partly because we've just had a baby but mainly because i won't get married at this weight. I want to look back at my wedding photos and like what i see.
It is hard, i love socialising and going out for meals but i have decided i want to be healthy and slim more than i love wine and chinese!!
Good luck on your journey xxxxx