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im new


I can haz cake?
you need to go to a class (if only once) or pay for the online service to be able to really make proper use of the diet..

You could grab the starter pack and a ww calculator off ebay.. but it would be cheaper to actually go to a class, get the starter pack and calc, and as well as that, be able to talk to the leader and get them to explain it to you.
^^ What Hannata says. There is a voucher on the WW Website for free membership, so it would only cost the weekly fee which is about £5 I think. Just for a one off to get the booklet, and get the "new person talk" with the leader to have the plan explained :)

You get a daily ProPoints allowance, which depends on your age and weight and some other stuff, not sure how they work it out. It will be at least 29 points. Then you get a weekly allowance of 49 points, which you may or may not use, kinda like an overflow, which you can use as you feel like it. Sometimes I have a couple out of this a day, and sometimes I have a takeaway at the weekend which comes from this weekly allowance. It's quite flexible.!

To get the points for everything though, you'd be best off using a WW calculator, downloading an app if you have a smartphone, or signing up to the online WW service. Then you'll have access to everything! Or there are online calculators you can use, I don't know any off hand, but if you google, there should be some pop up.

Hope that helps a little. I would go to a class just to get the book, you wouldn't be the only one who's done that ;)
Good idea Hayley :D
I can honestly say that yes, ProPoints does work when you stick to it. I, unfortunately, have not been sticking to it for a while, been a case of "any excuse to eat" and my heads not been in the game.. but I'm back on it today!!
I quite comfortably lost between 1-4lbs a week when I follow it, I love PP!!!! :D


I can haz cake?
I love the plan and I love the meeting. I know now (after easter shambles) that I struggle without the wi and the support from the class. If you have some kind of fear of the classes, please don't worry. Everyone is in the same circumstance... I went at a massive 20 stone and my leader, nor anyone else batted an eyelid. And its lovely to spend that time talking to people who are or have been in the same place as you. x


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^^ What Hannata says. There is a voucher on the WW Website for free membership, so it would only cost the weekly fee which is about £5

Hayley - if you take a look in the national sunday & daily papers there are vouchers for free registration & first class free = £14.99 I think.
Thats what I used for my first class yesterday. :)