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:wave_cry: Hi All, 2nd day not doing too bad, mind you a bit hungry & feel I can't focas on anything at the moment. Even found myself looking at my dog food longling lol!!!!
Hubby eating chips & chicken (yum yum) but still I stand strong just about to have my veg soup also having my treat of sparkling water. Drank so much water its like being pregnant again always wanting a pee!!! he he.
My friend told me about a drink you can drink loads of instead of coffee & tea (don't like either) call bouillon (not sure if thats how you spell it) not had one yet but will if I get too hungry. Keep remember what my CDC said that after the 4 day you feel better & less hungry - roll on 4th day lol.

Well off to get my soup yum yum.

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Hi mandymoo and welcome to minimins and good luck on starting your CD journey!!!! Look forward to getting to know you and try to remember that although some days it's damned hard its worth every second of ughhness!!!! You'll soon be a skinny minny!!!!


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Welcome to minimins and good luck with CD, the first week is the hardest. Get through that and you will be so pleased when you get weighed, it really does spur you on :D

Enjoy your soup!! :)


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hi mandymoo welcome and good luck
just as a little tip - i dont think you can drink LOADS of the boullion - but i am no expert - perhaps someone with more knowledge will say for sure in a min or two.
enjoy your soup!
i am coming to the end of day 1 and could quite happily nibble on my arm. although after my prep week and a pee on a stick i know i am ketosis. hubby moaning he is hungry so im going to go to bed whilst he cooks himself something !!
well done for getting thru these first few days ... roll on weigh day again .


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Hello and welcome to the crazy world of CD!

You can have Marigold Bullion, but not officially......:D It's a vegetable stock and you can get a low salt version which is probably the better choice cos it can make you retain fluid but IMO isn't very tasty! I have the normal one but just not too often and I always up my water intake.

You can't drink loads of it, no more than 2 tsp (2 mugs) per day, it's very nice and and satisfying. The official CD Savoury drink is not as nice.

Good luck and keep us posted.
I just got the vegetable cd drink on Tuesday and must admit I love it.Wished i had tried it from the start,
I tried the water flavourings and thought they were horrible lol
Day 3 - Question

Hi All thanks for letting me know about the bouillon drink, had only 1 today as was hungry but drinking loads of water at least 3 litres a day!! It is really ok with pepper (mind you probably wouldn't tould it if not on a diet lol)
Feel tired but apart from that feel ok.
Tried the mousse mix today with choco shake - again really nice mind you could taste bits in it but quite like that :eek:
Hope all you other newbees are doing ok - lets keep each other motivated!!!
How many days is it before you don't feel hungry - heard 4 & 7?


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