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Im NEW!!!!!

Hi everyboday :)
im going to join weight watchers to nite woooo whoooo go me :D
well iv been doin lipotrim for the past month (hene the name) but got so depressed with not being able to eat was not worth it AT ALL even tho theweight loss as good!

Well just said id say hi an hopefully talk to some of u soon x
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Welcome!!!!! so lovely to get another ww'r on board! if you need anything please dont hesitate to shout. Let us know how you get on at your meeting..
Hi i got on fine, iv done it before infact this is my third time :eek:
well ya no wat ther say third time lucky :D
im goin to the supermarket later to stock up on plenty of fruit an veg! starting fresh in the morning so gonna hav my last supper to nite with my friend!
Must make a new ticker too cos my last one is from lipotrim:(
Welcome ladylipo. It's nice to have another WW on here.

Would you like to join in our challenges? (see the sticky at the top of the ww forum page). It's a great way to keep track of each other. We aim to lose 1 - 2lbs per week but life doesn't always work out that way so that's why we have the monthly 5lb challenge too.

Looking forward to reading your diary. If you need anything, just shout!
Hi dellibelly hehe love the name :)
i prob will join maybe not this wk cos iv only come off lipotrim an dunno wat way my weight is goin to go:confused::confused:
i think i need a new name for this forum lol do u no how i can change it???
lipolady - don't put off joining. You might be surprised at how well you can do. Besides, I know how much I can put on when I take a week "off" the plan. Would you like to risk it?

Sorry, I can't tell you how to change your name for the forum, but you can check out the tutorials, they might be able to tell you.
Oh no i hav joined im only just back from my meeting:D
proud of me or wat:D:D:D
im off to stock up on some stuff now for tomorro will let u no how i get on x
Duh! Sorry, Just read your post properly this time. I take it you mean the challenges and not WW. Sorry!
Morning all,well more like good evening!
i slept way too late today its already half 1:eek:
iv just had my breakfast (an apple and bowl of yummy porridge) will let you know how today goes going to wash my windows now an keep busy :)
sounds like you have got off to a fantastic start!!!

:mad: am so jealous your able to sleep in til half one!!! :)
Oh i dnt normally nikki, im on holidays from work all wk not bak till monday :D sorry im prob making u even more jealous now!
just looking at your ticker there your doing really well, did u loose all that weight with WW?
I did indeed! thanks a million!! - 7 and a half months on it now (hard to believe) it actually flew!!
Its great tho when ya notice a difference in clothes, i think thats the best part :D iv a stone and a half to loose :mad:
sometimes when i say it it dosent seem lik much but other times i think y even bother, but jesus i want it off now more than ever!
Its my 21st in july, im going out forgien for it and really wanna look my best so iv 8 months to shift it cant see it being a problem if i stick to it 100%
Hey starlight, how do i go abt contacting pierce?
Tanx paula, i tried it butit wont let me post at all :argh:
Oh and while im here was just wondering does it matter how late at nite u eat ovbiously so long as u hav points left?
like some ppl say u shouldnt eat after 6pm
Oh tanx starlight :):):) ill give it a go

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