i'm new


my name is sarah jayne and i've just finished my first day of the cambridge diet. i have seven stone to lose and i really hope i can do it...i'm worried i'll get bored......

i hope to meet lots of new friends and gain support and advice, and help others too....

i just wanted to introduce myself, say hi and hope some people might have some golden tips for me!!!

take care...

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Best of luck Sarah Jayne and welcome aboard Minimins. A great site with lots of support. I have been on Lipotrim for almost 11 weeks and am moving on to the cambridge diet this weekend.



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Hi and welcome to the board.

I am just starting week 4.

My only tip so far is to keep going as it does get easier and drink drink drink (water that is lol) :)


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Hi, welcome and good luck.
Cant offer many tips for the long term as Im only on day 8, but my tip for the 1st week is just take one day at a time. If one day is hard the next will probably be easier.


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Hiya and welcome to minimins this site is great for support and hints and tips. If you get really bored there is the arcade too.


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we are a huge fountain of brilliantness here so welcome!


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Well done on your first day and for finding Minimins. Bored never, there is always someone here. As for the diet, being bored doesn't matter there are so many other ways to treat yourself. Losing the weight is a big treat for the body to start with and with the nutrition in the shakes you will never have felt so good. If you do find you are getting bored even though there are lots of flavours there are lots of ways of preparing them to increase the variety. For instance most of the shakes are lovely hot, you can add instant coffee or nutmeg for instance.

Lots of early nights and pampering saw me thrive in the early weeks so that would be my no.1 recommendation.

Good Luck!

Dizzy x


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The first week is the hardest, you can get through it with grit and determination.

Keep up the water intake, 4ltrs per day spaced out evenly.

Boredom wasnt an issue for me at all, it seemed to fly by, keep your focus and your eyes on the prize at the end.

Thats what i did, head down and plough through, trust me its worth it x