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I'm not hungry - CDC PLEASE HELP!

This may be great for some people, but im finding it odd and i'm not sure what to do!

I'm SSing, but for the last few days i have not felt hungry at all. Yesterday i had 1 shake, which i forced down and i felt rather sick for a while afterwards.

Again today, (i know its only 12:30) but i'm not hungry in the slightest, and if i even think about having a shake or which one to have it makes my stomach turn.

I dont understand what is going on with me! I have never been unable to eat/have shakes. I usually want more!!!

Is this a normal phase that will pass, what do you suggest i do? Do i just go along with it and have only what i feel like having, or is it vital that i have my 3 shakes a day? Should i just force them down so i'm getting my nutrients, even though it makes me feel ill?

HELP!!! :confused:
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The Diet Guy

You must now be in ketosis which does supress hunger at a physical level and hence you won't be hungry.

Saying that you must have the packs, try and have them out of habit and not wait until you think you want one, maybe have one at 12, 3 and 6pm?

BUT you must have them (MUST MUST MUST!!) as they are keeping you healthy and without them you will become ill and also you will stop losing weight as your body with freak out.

If you are struggling with the shakes then maybe look at the tetras or the soup and then eventually the lovely bars.

You are doing great but get those packs down.

:eek:Thanks for posting this! I thought it was just me :rolleyes:

I'm on week one and I don't feel hungry at all, it is really an effort to tackle my shakes - I've been having 2 together - one as a muffin with a hot choc or choc mint so I can 'get rid' of them quickly during the day...

I don't have my first until about 2pm when I have half of one as a hot drink at work... Had a vanilla today it tasted like mashed up custard creams!

I thought it's the water that helps suppress your appetite - that part of being overweight was eating when we think we'r ehungry but really we're not, and we're thirsty, and so the glugging all the water helps?? Or have I just dreamt this?? lol!

Either way, hope it stays like this cos finding the diet a breeze to do, as long as the food cravings stay away!!!

tinks x

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