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I'm not in ketosis?!?

Foo Fan

Gold Member
Just checked my "wee" on a ketostix and I'm not in ketosis... Its defo not that my "wee" is diluted cos that usually shows a very light pinky colour. It defo negative.

I've been doing SS+ for a week but stuck to it to the letter (accutally had less that I should have somethimes cos I weighed the fish incorrectly) and SS for the 3 weeks before...

Will I get back into ketosis being on SS+?
Shall I have the 4 shakes and milk instead of the meal?

Will not being in ketosis effect my weight loss?

I've had a headache for the past 3 days - now I know why...
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Mrs B

Silver Member
Hi Foo Fan, I've just sneaked back in here for a while. When did you use the wee stick? First thing in the morning is best. Did you have a shake before - I think that can also have an effect. The important thing is - how do you feel? If you feel ok then I wouldn't worry you could only have eaten enough to knock you out of ketosis for a wee while.

I did CD last year and didn't use the ketosis sticks once - I don't think they are needed. If you feel ok and are losing - why worry.

Good luck!


Silver Member
I think most people stay in ketosis on SS+ i think i did, the weight loss is still good on SS+ my food week was 3.5lb loss which i think is good, must admit though i was a little hungry, you could try swapping for the 4 packs and milk and see if it changes, thats what i would do, hope it gets sorted.
I haven't really been in ketosis since I started this diet, and I am still losing weight, so wouldn't worry too much.... you should still lose weight okay.

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