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im not really sure how to go about..

S: 14st13lb C: 14st13lb G: 10st0lb BMI: 38.2 Loss: 0st0lb(0%)
.. the rest of the week, that is.

Basically i had a HUGE binge wednesday, which combined with what must have been a bug, i came down really poorly thursday. I kept absoloutly nothing down. Friday, i felt better-ish. I could keep food down kinda, but still wasnt a100%, for example.. i ate my alpens for breaky, but couldnt stomach my usual fruit & muller with it.. i managed half a muller with lunch, which was a small bowl of wholemeal pasta, completely plain. I then pushed myself to have a proper tea, thinking i could handle it. managed to eat a small tin of mushy peas and some sw chips, but couldnt touch the gammon.
I went out to the pub in the eve, and ate 3 small homemade biccys :sigh: and a hot choc when i got home to settle my tum tum.

Saturday, i ate two alpen lights. a ww yog about 12, and then i didnt eat again properly untill 8, which was a small bowl of wholemeal pasta with left over bolognese and my HEA. I was rushing around all day, scrubbing the house down etc.

.. and today, i had my alpens, and a muller. I then attempted a hard boiled egg and new pot salad with cheese HEA for lunch, before everyone arrived for baby shower and in an attempt to fill myself to avoid eating cake. i ate my HEA and most of the pots, but didnt finish it. Iv eaten fruit and veg sticks, managed to avoid the crisps and my cupcakes etc.. however iv just stuck a very large peice of choc cake in my mouth .. and OH brang me home a hot roast dinner from MIL, which i ate. . i doubt very muchly it could be classed as slimmingworld friendly.

My problem is, everything has been SO full on with work, and because i was so ill thurs, everything really piled up.. then with the massive to-do list for todays baby shower and general house cleaning duties, i have been rushed off my feet to say the least... all while still not being 100% health wise.
because of this, iv kinda just been eating when i think i can etc, or even when i can just fit it in. Iv not been giving myself proper care, havn't written a single thing down and have been popping all sorts in my mouth through the day.. i can barely remember what, but off the top of my head.. a bit of cake the i sliced off the top of one over-pouring cupcake, a few sweets when filling the sweetie jar for OH, i tried a truffle.. those sorts of things. Little minute things, that all REALLY add up.

Iv only got tomorrow and tuesday, and although iv tried really hard to avoid certain things.. like for example i didnt touch any cake etc and chose better options today, took my own spag bowl up to MIL's instead of eating her very unhealthy cauliflower cheese (can you believe she used an entire 300g block of cheese for a recipe for 4 people?!?!?!? and then said ' oh i thought it'd be good for your diet being that its veg! :eek: lol!) .. but iv not done enough and if im honest, even with being 100% the next two days, highly doubt i havnt gained a lb. Im really peeved because my motivation has been fine this week and iv had no excuse, and i really wanted to break my 3 week cycle of being on plan then falling off.. but i havnt paid enough attention to the little things iv been popping in my mouth..

so what do i do now to kinda, rectifiy it!? even half a lb would make me happy right now.

Im going to go to zumba tomorrow eve.. as i couldnt stomach my usual run on a sat morn this weekend.. which has also made me feel a bit 'guilty' almost too. Gawd i hope im not too exhausted for zumba

sorry, longest post ever.....
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Draw a line under the week so far Fern. It can't be undone but you can put it behind you. Accept any consequences at WI and start taking care of yourself from tomorrow. Its not easy when you don't feel 100% and especially not when you're mad busy but make some me time, plan your week and eat healthily - you know you'll feel better for it. Onwards and upwards (or downwards!), just a little pothole in the road to your success
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Concentrate on getting better. Getting back on plan can happen when you're back on your feet.
i would say just start fresh - have 5-8 syns a day and HEA and HEB and go forward.....if it doesnt show this week, it sure will show next week - and you know why (because you were unwell) the scales may not be so lovely this week x


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It is difficult but I think that if you don't go to WI this week then this pattern may continue into the following week and you'll get yourself in a rut - you might not think so now but it is so, so easily done. Start recording from today and drinking lots of water to flush the bug through, be sainly tomorrow and then just bite the bullet and WI. No one can be expected to keep their eye 100% on the ball when they're ill, but the trick is undoing any damage and starting afresh - and I worry that if you don't have the kickstart of WI to help you start again, you might make things worse. So just go for it and remember you haven't done anything wrong, you've just been under the weather as most of us are at this time of year.
S: 14st13lb C: 14st13lb G: 10st0lb BMI: 38.2 Loss: 0st0lb(0%)
Thanks guys. Im on plan 100% today, had jiggy'd myself up to go to zumba but got home and i am exhuasted.. im dissapointed because i needed to go, but i was practically falling asleep just driving home.

if i can just sts i'd be happy. x

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