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I'm not well

I was up most of last night with pain in what I thought was my pelvic/ovary area. I'm around ov time anyway and thought "Wow - some strong ov pains there."

Anyway, it was bad all night and still there this morning so just had emergency appointment with doc and he examined me, tested my urine and took bloods, and he thinks I have diverticulitis. He has sent my bloods off as urgent and I have to see him tomorrow at 9am. Getting bloods back that quick is a flaming miracle with my docs!

He says he would be shocked if I haven't had it a while and when I think back there have been times when I've had bad lower tummy pain and have said it felt like TOTM was coming but I was usually nowhere near TOTM. Doc reckons because I was dieting for so long and then came off the diet in Turkey and then again whilst camping, that the change in diet may have aggravated it. I told him about the Xenical and asked could it be contributing but he didn't think so.

Oh well, I should get some answers tomorrow and just have to pop the painkillers till then.
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Hope you're feeling better soon Kay, diverticulitis can be a awful so i really hope it settles down soon hugs xx
I've never heard of it before. Do you know someone who has it?
Sorry you are not well, my mum has had that and can be very painful, but with the right treatment will improve. Take care x
big ((((hugs))))) take care of yourself and I hope the doc can help more tomorow


plodding away
Sorry to hear you are ill. Hopefully tomorrow will bring some relief. Getting a diagnosis means treatment can start and at least you will know for sure what the problem is.


Thanks everyone.

It doesn't help that DH is a royal miserable git at the moment. Has been on and off for weeks and I've just about had enough.

I'm fed up of being fat, and fed up of my marriage at the moment.

Maybe I'll run away and start again.


plodding away
Have thought about doing a Reggie Perrin myself in the past, only trouble is you cant run away from your problems they tend to follow you around until you deal with them.


gunna be a fatty for ever
hey kay!!!

hope you are feeling better!! Never mind the miserable sod! I think they are programed to be like that

luv katiexx
No results yet. Went to the docs at 9am and he said the hospital computer was down so had no results. He phoned them and they said it shouldn't be long - could I wait?

Waited half an hour and still nothing so the doc said he will phone me at around 5.30 tonight instead.


gunna be a fatty for ever
marvlous! you thought it was a bit uick didnt you lol

Hi Kay,

Hope your ok and heard from the docs now.

Take it easy xx
Thanks everyone :D

Doc phoned. All bloods tests ok except I am anaemic. Doc thinks it may have been an initial flare up and I will have others. All I can do for now is change my diet to add more fibre, take painkillers when I need them and see him each time I have a flare up.

He said he could treat me for the anaemia or I could do it myself so I'm just going to take iron tablets myself and see how it goes.

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