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I'm off to a land down under!!

Having put of travelling for years because of my weight I'm now taking the plunge and am off to visit my sister in Sydney in March.

I can't believe I've got the confidence to go....know I can sit in a plane seat for that long....on my own...and plan to wear a bikini too!!

I'm going for 3 weeks in total and so far have got a week with my sister planned (any longer and we'll kill each other) then I'm off to crew on a racing sailing boat around the Whitsunday islands for a week. It's going to be pretty physical so I I've got six months to get my health back on track and get fit.

Any suggestions what I can do with my third week greatly appreciated. I think it'll mainly involve relaxing a bit!!

I can't believe I'm going to do this. THANK YOU LIGHTER LIFE!!! xxx
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Good for you Rachel! You are an inspiration as like you, I would love to go travelling but because of my weight, have never had the confidence. I have just started on LL and on my 3rd day so reading threads like yours is really keeping me motivated so, thank you!

Unfortunately, I do not have any reccomendations for what you should do in your 3rd week but sounds like you will deserve some chill time!

Take care and have a fab trip! xx
well it's certainly an option BL lol!! Maybe I'll take a T shirt in case they ask me to cover up?!

Jo B

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Oooh I'm jealous! I was there for a year about 9 years ago and LOVED every minute of it. Don't worry about needing to be fit to crew the Whitsunday's it's really not like that. Generally you take down a few sails, put a few up and then get waited on! It is the most beautiful place on earth with proper turquoise sea and white sand. Sydney is a wonderful place, just think, the new slim you will be able to climb the harbour bridge. You have to go to Watsons Bay and look at the city from there and take a river cruise, catch the hovercraft to Manly and go on the beach there, go out in Kings Cross... so many things to do. I wanna come to!


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That's great news, I'm pleased for you. You and your sister sound like me and mine, we love each other to bits but after a full weekend away anywhere we come back on the plane with our backs to each other...:D


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Sounds fantastic Rachel.No suggestions for you-just hope you have a great time,and yeah wear your bikini on the plane :D,why not -the aussies are pretty laid back :Dx
I'm sooooo jealous Rachel! I went to Oz for 3 weeks in Dec / Jan - in fact it was the photos from the holiday that made me join LL....

Sydney is absolutely amazing, and the other place I loved as much was Cairns - really laid back and beachy. We also did the Blue Mountains which was nice, Ayres Rock which I hated (it was a big rock, miles from anywhere, surrounded by nothing, and as soon as you got out of the car you were attacked by absolutely billions of flies - vile). Gold Coast is great, and obviously you have to get out to the Great Barrier Reef - stunning.

You'll have an absolute ball, and I bet you anything you won't want to come back - the people are so friendly and welcoming, and it's such a wonderful pace of life. :)
Thanks everyone. My sister went travelling over there 8 years ago and has never come back (apart from the odd visit!). I think mum's slightly worried the same may happen to me!

I think I'm going to do a bit of Sydney and the blue mountains and then head up the gold coast ending up in Cairns and do the whitsundays too. I'm sure 3 weeks won't be enough but I'll see what I can manage!

Lucy, would Like to do Ayres rock at some point in my life but it really is in the middle of nowhere isn't it!?! I'll just enjoy watching Hugh Jackman in the film 'Australia' for a bit of a glimpse of the outback!!
Lucy, would Like to do Ayres rock at some point in my life but it really is in the middle of nowhere isn't it!?! I'll just enjoy watching Hugh Jackman in the film 'Australia' for a bit of a glimpse of the outback!!
Yep, it's stunning, in a big rock in the middle of nowhere sort of way, I suppose! To be honest, unless you're there for absolutely months, I think there's better things to do, and if you're going travelling and take internal flights, you may be lucky enough to fly over it anyway. We flew to Alice Springs (the scariest place in the world) and then drove - looks about 3cm on a map, but is about 800km in reality, with about 2 petrol stations, and no restaurants en-route - it wasn't a good trip for us!! :D

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