I'm on a roll this week!


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OMG ladies (and gents too) I totally forgot to share this with you. Since Saturday 2 of my online friends plus my sisters bf have paid me compliments. The first 2 were that I looked amazing and that I looked pleasant (an odd expression but a positive one nonetheless). Then last night one of my online friends was looking through photos of my recent trip and announced that he thought I was "good looking and totally bonkable" haha OMG, well after I finished turning scarlet and dying of laughter I realised he was totally genuine and serious and its made not only my day, my year but also my millennium! Nobody has ever said anything like that to me before and after the initial awkwardness of realising my buddy fancies me (which he admitted, another first for me) it really did boost my self esteem no end. You see, even though I can see the difference in my appearance since losing weight I guess I still imagine other people don't see that, they see the old me. To actually have someone freely admit they find you attractive is something every formerly overweight person should experience, I can't even begin to describe how it made me feel, especially as its never happened before!

Anyway thought you might get a giggle out of that so had to share hehe now... if only the man I'm crazy about would realise how awesome I am all would be right in my world :)
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irish molly

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Ah Cookeh, your posts are so uplifting right now. What a wonderful feeling. How lovely it is to get such fab compliments that are truly meant by those giving them. Sometimes we might get a begrudging acknowledgement of our efforts but it is so fab when folks are truly sincere in their praise. Keep on enjoying the moment.


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You must be on top of the world right now! I was finding today a bit harder as I don't feel well and have a load of family stuff going on but you just put a great big smile back on my face so thank you. Enjoy the compliments, I am sure there will be many more to come x x


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you have made me smile! you must be feeling over the moon. Totally bonkable lol..:) what a confidence boost if ever heard of one! youre doing fantastically!! just keep going and you will be amazing! :) yaaayyyy... now im sure that young man is thinking it..he just needs to verbalise it...men!! x


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Hey bonkable !!!!! lap up all the confidence boosting compliments, Im lovin them too lol,,,i told a guy the other nite my N.Y.s resolutions was to date more, he said 'looking at you, you wont have any problems' it totally took me surprise as im the same as you not really seeing myself that way. Im gonna save all the compliements in me head, use them to start working on my confidence