Im on Day 3..

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  1. miss_mallow

    miss_mallow Banned

    have to say im loving the shakes, especially chocolate and choc mint.. yum yum!
    I didn't buy any of the soups as I didn't think I would like them but im craving something savoury right now so I think that was a mistake.
    I was just wondering;
    a) when do you stop feeling hungry? (if ever)
    b) What soups are your particular favs?

    thanks x
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  3. Issywissy42

    Issywissy42 Full Member

    My hunger passed on day 4, but I did need to keep myself busy. The house has never looked so clean, lol.
    I have only tried Potato& Leek and Spicy Tomato. They are both ok. I like to have a soup at lunch, makes me feel like I am eating real food!
    Good luck it does get easier.:)
  4. Sarette

    Sarette Gold Member

    Well done on getting to Day 3! I personally can't stand any of the soups, but lurve the choc, choc mint and choc tetra shakes :)

    You'll stop feeling hungry when you are in ketosis, usually by Day 4! It doesn't always stop your brain from thinking you are hungry though hehe!

  5. **sparkles**

    **sparkles** Silver Member

    I stopped feeling physically hungry from when I went into ketosis on day 4. The cravings however didn't go away straight away. I still get the odd craving now, even though I'm in week 9, but I can ignore it better! I don't mind the spicy tomato soup, but my favourite is the chicken and mushroom. I add a pinch of curry powder to it to make it taste even nicer. I haven't tried the other soups yet.
  6. X_lisa_X

    X_lisa_X needs motivating

    i love the chicken and mushroom soup and have one every day x
  7. Double Dee

    Double Dee Full Member

    Personally don't like the soups, but i like the choc shake too (hot tho ) x
  8. Sammi N

    Sammi N Anything but Regular

    Well done for getting to day 3, I don't like the soups much but I do tend to favour Spicy Tomato & Vegetable more than any of the others, one i def didn't like was cheese & broccoli blurh!!!

    I found that my hunger also passed around day 4 even tho i felt like i "fancied" eating for the taste of things. Tho since my weigh in having a fab result has lead me to push all taste cravings aside and hopefully will last through to my next weigh in to motivate me on for the following week. It def gets easier as time goes on.

    I just take the attitude that its not going to be for "forever". The sacrafices def lead to a fantastic end result

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