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I'm on my first week ....... help!!


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:( I'm on my first week and just can't get to grips with planning and organising what I'm going to have.

Had a chinese take away last night and planned for the syns but went way over, what with that and my brother's wedding which was last weekend things don't look too promising for Friday's weigh in.

Although, I don't weigh till lunch time so there's still time to fit in 2 1/2 100% days.

I find that with EE, Red and Green there's too much choice and it can be easy when you have something that you've not planned on Red or Green to go over to EE.

I really need to get to grips with this as I find it so easy to 'throw in the towel' so to speak.

How does everyone else manage with their planning, thinking what to eat, thinking which plan to follow etc?

All help will be well and truly appreciated.

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I plan every week in advance and shop for what i need, that way i always have "emergency" snack items like yogurts, veges, and my personal fave gherkins! I decide what days i'm doing in advance and stick to that. If i have a night out or special event i use my flexible syns as well. It might be an idea for you to print off a menu planner from the SW site, they have green, original and EE planners to help you out to start with. Also keep a written record of what you are having, helps to focus the mind! Hope this helps?


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Hi, personally I would keep it simple and stick to either red or green! Think about what sort of food you like to eat, e.g. are you a meat girl or a pasta, potatoes kinda girl? Then think what you eat that seems to tip you off your plan, could you syn it instead and have less?? Then when you go shopping, make a list, this is important. Depending on what sort of person you are you could plan every meal and shop for that. Or if your like me I like to think of the meals me and my family would like that week them make sure I get all the ingredients for thoses meals so that I can make any meal on anyday as I dont like to be tied to a set menu. Then make sure you have plenty of fruit, yogurt cottage cheese etc in your fridge so grab if you need it. Or you could make up a pot of soup to keep on the hob. Or cook in bulk and freeze some so you always have something to eat. Its about making sure you know the plan and have everything in for you meals and snacks so when your hungry your not reaching for the chinese menu instead lol! Keep your meals simple they dont have to be complecated, plan some meals so that you can just throw then together if need be. Read your book, carry it with you if you need to for reference. Get your head into the plan and the rest will follow! Sorry to ramble but this plan does work and the longer you do it, it becomes more natural to eat this way and to naturally make healthy choices! HTH


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Keep at it! Give the plan a chance to work! In a few weeks you will see results and it will get easier!


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I dont really plan ahead, i do green days so when i go shopping i just get a load of stuff, then decide what im going to have as im going along. Its quite hard at first to get to grips with it, but soon you will be a pro...promise!


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i normally plan the night before, i would do it weekly, like writing my whole week out on a sunday night or something, but i'm so fussy i know i wouldn't stick to eating what i had planned.
i see what i have in and then work my day out around that the night before.
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i have to say i am an extra easy convert i use my a and b for breakfast and left over milk for tea and it means that me and b/f get to eat the same meals


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I try to plan the weeks evening meals and then work round it. I buy in what I need for those meals, write them on a board and then decide the night before or in the morning what I am having for tea (so I can get stuff out of the freezer if needs be).
I tend to have weetabix or berries/yog for breakfast so that's not a worry for me and lunches will then fit in with the day I'm having, so supernoodles, pasta salad, left overs, jackets for a green day or meat salads, left overs, tuna quiche etc for red lunches.

I snack on fruit and yoghurt and use my syns in the evening for chocolate and biscuits.

Planning does work for me!
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I must agree with the others planning and shopping is a big key. I tend to have a syn free brekkie (usually yog and fruit) so I can have a red or green day if I am going out or get stuck but usually I just have red days as they seem to work better for me.

I find the key is to have lots of syn free food in so I can never say I was hungry so I had to have that bar of chocolate or bag of crisps (and I have a 3yr old and a skinny OH so they are in the house!!!!!!!); my fridge looks like an advert for muller light yoghurts and I have a huge fruit basket.

Best of luck it really is a good plan once you get into the swing of it. :cross: