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I'm overweight!!!!


I am no longer obese, I am officially overweight and it feels great!! just need to get into the "healthy" range now! :D

I was a little dissapointed with this weeks weigh in, 2 lb off (still good I know) but having just checked my BMI and realising how well I have done has spurred me on further.

my goal for this week is to drink more water which I struggle with, does anyone have any tips to get the water down? not really keen on the flavourings

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Thats brillinant well done you xx

The water part is hard isnt it, I have six litre bottles and keep them in the fridge or if im out i put ice in them to keep them cool longer and glug all day, its hard but as long as we get as much as possible down.

Have you tried the flavours?? Im going to try some next week I know we can only have a litre but it prefer things really weak so I could share it between two litres.

Good luck though.
well done mastermind! So nice to hear positive thoughts! I cant wait to be 'overweight' maybe i should recalculate my BMI it might cheer me up!


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S: 18st2lb C: 16st1lb G: 11st2lb Loss: 2st1lb(11.42%)
Well done on your 2lb weight loss and it is a wonderful feeling when your bmi no longer says obese!

Well done on being overweight!:happy096:

Love Mini xxx


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Well done, that's brilliant


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Well done!!

When I wake up, first thing in the morning, as I am getting ready to go to work, I have a 1/2 L glass of water. I try to get it down me before I leave the house.

At work, I have my 1/2 L glass on my desk and continually sip at it. I try to make sure I have 1/2 L glass every 2 hours at work. That way, by the time I go home, i only have to have one 1/2 L glass at home to hit my 3 L target! Any more drunk is a bonus!

Don't know if that helps?

x Alli x


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Such a fab feeling isn't it!! Good luck on the rest of your journey to being 'normal'!!


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Well done, that a wonderful achievement. It just goes to show that sometimes if we aren't too excited with actual weight loss (2 pounds is good!) then it is worth looking at other factors, like inch loss, fitting into a skirt today that was tight yesterday and BMI indicators.
Best wishes on this fab day for you mastermind x
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well done hon that must feel amazing!

at what weight/bmi do you have to be, to be classed as over weight and not obese then?

When i started i was class 2 obese and then i dropped to class 1 obese but not sure now if i still come under that catagory??


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Indeed, looking at it from a "general" viewpoint, the title seems bizarre, but i soooooo understand!!! I can't wait until the day I step on the scale and it says 222 (official 29 for me). I'm close, but no cigar yet! So congrats and can't wait to read that you've reached a healthy BMI. Congrats again

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