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I'm re-starting tomorrow


Going for Goal!
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Hi everyone!

At last I am jumping back on the CD wagon tomorrow and I can't wait for the weight to start dropping off again, and for the feeling of health and energy to be upon me!

I've had a real tough week with family poo-pooing my plans to re-start "that diet" again. When I was just 1 stone away from goal their attitudes were so different! I found myself repeating the same old justifications of why I'm doing it (forgot how annoying it is!) What people seem to not realise is that I still had 1 stone to loose through sole source before going up the steps to the maintenance plan. I had always fully intended to see the diet through to the very end. Just because I fell pregnant and had a gorgeous little boy, doesn't mean that my ultimate goal of loosing the weight has ended! It has just delayed things a little.

The worst comment I had (although i'm sure it was not meant to upset me) was an aunt who said "i think you're silly doing the cambridge again, the minute you come off it the weight will all pile back on again, like it has done this time" - firstly I have not put all the weight back on! Just half of it! There is no one more upset than me that I'm having to have another 4 months of cambridge (the diet is good, but lets face it no one wants to have to drink 3 shakes a day any longer than they have to!)
What people don't know is that before I discovered CD I had PCOS with non existent periods. I was told because of my weight that I wasn't ovulating. I now have a gorgeous baby boy!

Anyway, on the bright side I have 5/6 months of sole source to endure to get the weight off before I begin going up the steps (better than the 11 months I was facing when i initially started cd). I also have more reasons to want to loose my weight. I'm desperate to be a yummy Mummy! I want to take him swimming, run around after him without chest pains and generally be a healthier person who has the energy to look after an energetic toddler (when that time comes! And boy will I be ready for it!)

So this afternoon I'm off to the supermarket to buy a vittel litre bottle. I found these easier to get the water down! Who knows why, but if it works!

I'm looking forward to starting my diary and catching up with past friends on here and making new ones :)

Hugs x x x
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Hi, just wanted to say good luck for tomorrow - use the negative comments as a motivational tool to prove them wrong x x


please try again
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good luck emma, you know how this diet goes, you'll be fine


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Hi Emma - I'm in the same position, although I actually did put all the weight back on!! I've already lost 16lb and have my third weigh in tomorrow, and think I've lost another 5lb, so it's all good. My little girl is worth every pound I put on though!

I've not had any negative comments from people, and everyone is supportive, but if anyone does say that I'll just put all the weight back on when I stop, my answer is that I will if I go back to eating the same way I did before. Just let it all wash over you and know that you will do this, just like last time.

Good luck with it
Nik x


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Good luck Emma, you have done so well, and inspiration.xx
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Good luck Hun and what a wonderful encouraging post to another PCOS girl who desperate to be a yummy mummy x


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Hi Emma,

I remember you from 2009, i also fell pregnant and had a gorgeous little boy, and piled on 5stones... oh well joy of motherhood right:).. i since started cd 3months ago and lost 39lbs and well on my way to losing the final 2stones.. hopefully they will come off quickly as i really want to be a yummy mummy too..Wishing good luck on your Cd journey and before you know it, u would have lost all the baby weight u piled on. Pls ignore all those side comment..and focus on your diet.. U can do it!



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Helloooooooo, welcome back and good luck. I re-start tomorrow, but only after 2 weeks off. Feel about a stone heavier though!!




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Welcome back I was supposed to restart the other week but feel ready to do it now so starting today. Focus on your positive comments and not the negatives x

Susie Tuesday

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RhiBro said:
Helloooooooo, welcome back and good luck. I re-start tomorrow, but only after 2 weeks off. Feel about a stone heavier though!!


I know the feeling, double grrrrrrrrrr lol Had an extended break for my b'day and back on it today hate feeling bleugh but not for much longer ;-) x

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