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I'm ready... I think!

Hi all,

I'd been considering doing Lipotrim for a while, as my partner had done it in the past and had fantastic results... So yesterday, I took the plunge and paid a visit to my local pharmacy.

My god... What a shock! I think I was seriously in denial about my weight, which in a weird and wonderful way has spurred me on to finally fight the fat - starting Saturday morning!

I'm currently 17st and 5.5lbs and have set myself a goal of losing 4st and 5.5lbs by June... Am I being over ambitious do you think? Although to be honest I'd be absolutely made up, if i could fit into size 16 clothes... Just so i could actually enjoy going clothes shopping!

My partner had also decided to do Lipotrim again, as he's put on all the weight he lost and more... So I guess that will make things easier?

I'm extremely proud of myself- I've emptied the fridge, freezer and cupboards and went shopping last night and bought tons of cleaning products, just so I can avoid supermarkets and shops for the next few months - My god, I sound like a right maddo :eek:

Well anyhow, I was just popping by to say hello and ask if theres anything else I should do before my big start date?

Thank you

Becky x
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Hi and welcome Becky.
Good luck on your lipotrim journey and dont forget to log on here as there is some great advice to be had from everyone here, I wouldnt have coped in my first couple of weeks without this site.

The only advice I can offer you is to cut back on your carbs before starting on Saturday and you wont have so much withdrawal symptoms. I cut them back for 2 days and I was great except for the first day, but I think that was due to a hangover due to my last night of binge drinking and eating.

All the best for your journey hun, and to your partner as well.


I will be skinny again!!!
Well done Becky!!
Its good that you found this forum, it will help you through!!
The only thing i recommend is reading all the tips on the website, there is some real good ideas to vary all the shakes etc!!
I think it's great that both you and your partner will be doing this together - can't get better than that for support :)

Also good on you for emptying the cupboards and stocking up on cleaning stuff - clever lady ;)

I don't think you're being too ambitious - 4st is a fairly easy amount to shift on LT. I did just over 3 and a half in 12 weeks last year so it won't take as long as you think. Plus, after a while you kind of forget you're even on a diet as it just becomes part of your life.

Good luck on LT hun, keep drinking the water to keep hunger at bay and look forward to your first WI. After that you'll be flying!