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im ready...

S: 8st8lb C: 8st6lb G: 7st4lb BMI: 23 Loss: 0st2lb(1.67%)
hiya all, hope ur all ok :)

i have started slimfast today! yay! actually this is the 3rd (and last) time i have done the plan. once when i was about 13 or 14 (i was an overweight child - and my mum was doing it so i started too, lost about 1/2 a stone before i stopped), then again at this beginning of this year, and now im determined to succeed so i dont have to do it anymore! not thats its particularly horrible, i just cant wait until i am officially not trying to lose weight, because it seems i constantly am!

the only time i can remember being reasonably happy with the way i looked was whilst at college, about 9 months after meeting my partner. i was walking for 2 hours a day to college and back, and, although i ate tonnes of chocolate, occassionally drank alcohol and ate normal, not particularly healthy, big, family meals, i lost about a stone of weight. hence this is the reason why one of my mini goals is to get back to that weight. although i know i was a perfect BMI back then, i think i would like to lose a few pounds more before i go on holiday just so i am comfortable in a bikini. also, although my BMI says im fine, i have a proportionately very high percentage of body fat for my height and would like to drop that down.

my ultimate goal would be to be very fit and healthy. im not talking being a competative athlete or a body builder, but i would like to be able to do a half marathon (or even a full one some day) and know that my body is in top condition. i know this is a long way off yet but eventually that is where i would like to end up.

ive just realisesd how much ive wrote, sorry!
so anyway, ive had my morning shake and am now about to get down to some revision. i will post this evening about how my day is gone, but im hoping to have a 100% week and aim to lose 2 lbs.

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Welcome to the first step of your new life! I'm sure your gonna do brilliantly. Just take one day at a time and drink plenty of water. Let us know how you get on.
S: 8st8lb C: 8st6lb G: 7st4lb BMI: 23 Loss: 0st2lb(1.67%)
thought id do a post now because im getting hungry and need to keep my hands busy for a while!

so far today ive had a shake for breakfast, a kiwi fruit, a shake for lunch, a plum, and 1 litre of water.

im making dinner tonight (my partner and i try to take it in turns to cook but he normally cooks more and i clean more) so i am planning to cook some chicken breast in the oven (il take the skin off mine) and ive got some frozen mixed roasting veg that il do with it, butternut squash and some other stuff. im going to do some roast potatoes for my partner, but il have some cabbage instead. i hope that will be ok for my evening meal, might do some gravy as well. how does that sound?

my partner finishes work 30mins early on a friday so he should be home soon and he can stop me from snacking!

so my first day i think is going to go well, i havnt got much in snack-wise so might have an options hot chocolate after dinner.

im not looking forward to tomorrow too much. i work 9-2 in a clothes shop, which means il have my morning shake at about 8 then will have to go through until when i get home (just before 3) until i can have my lunch shake, and i dont get a break so i cant have my morning snack either! its not going to be fun! but oh well :sigh2:

on a plus note ive managed to do alot of studying today although have felt extremely tired, not sure if thats just me being lazy or because of the diet or what. anyone else feel more tired than usual on this?

hope everyone's day has gone well xx

S: 8st8lb C: 8st6lb G: 7st4lb BMI: 23 Loss: 0st2lb(1.67%)
hey guys

found yesterday went really well, managed to drink 1.5 litres of water (might not be as much as i should, but far better than before) and stuck to the plan very well. didnt really feel hungry either which was nice!

today was a different story. i was starving at work, had a really rubbish day as it was dead boring. luckily i put some dried apricots in my handbag for the bus home which helped alittle. but then my partner met me from the bus and we went to sainsburys and it is really really really a BAD idea to go food shopping when u are hungry!!! literally everything i saw i wanted! especially some iced buns... mmm.... but i was very good and just bought some slimfast chocolate caramel snack bars instead :D very pleased with myself as OH got some magnums!

i didnt get home then untill around half 3 so i had gone from 8 in the morning till then on a shake and some apricots. funny thing was, i had actually stopped feeling so hungry by then, just headachey and bit woozy. i was planning on having a slimfast shake but as my resolve had already been tested when i was in the supermarket i ended up joining my partner for lunch. luckily i only had one slice of toast, with a thin scraping of butter and one poached egg. so actually it was within the amount of cals that i would have in my shake. but i still felt guilty so i forewent my afternoon snack. i had a lovely prawn stir fry for dinner, very nice, and i may have an options hot chocolate later for pud :)

tomorrow will be another hard day, my parents are dropping off my sister for the day whilst they go to a wedding, and as it was her bday on tues we've said we will take her to macdonalds. dont really know how im going to handle that one, but whatever i decide, i am not going to feel too bad about it because i dont see my sister very often and i know i can make up for it later in the week. i dont think chicken nuggets have too many cals in :rolleyes:

how has everyone else's day been? xx


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i've heard the chicken nuggets r best... that's wat i go for :)

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