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Im Really worried :(


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Hi, can someone please I've been trying to get below 12 stone mark but after a week on holiday I have gained around 4lbs. But since I have come back I have been on a low calorie diet by using my fitness pal. Anyway I've been told in order to lose 1lb a week a need to eat 1500 calories a day. I've been doing this along with exercise ok so I've had 1 bad day a week but what in worried about is my weight has been going up everyday! I know you shouldn't weigh every day but I normally do. I'm at 79.4 and before my calorie control diet I was 77.4kg I'm really worried on why this is happening :( ps also im constipated too, and I'm drinking water too :( sorry for all the info lol hope u guys can help me xxx
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It may be linked to your constipation and once you go it may all fall back into place!
It maybe that after being back to normal eating on holiday your body has decided that it's going to store some fat in case you go back to your "starvation" mode! The body is an ingenius bit of kit that can store fat for lean times when it may need them. It can convert anything we give it to either be usefully used or just laid down for storage
Why not split the difference and go for 1250 cals so you're not "starving" your body but not overfilling it either.
You might just need to give it a bit of a nudge to restart the weight loss!
But I would imagine once you "go" and get back into a healthy routine it will all fall back into place!
I hope so anyway
Good luck

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