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i'm rubbish at this!!!

:whoopass: yep, need mine slapping good and proper. i put off going to get weighed last week and i'm supposed to be going this friday. aint been brill but aint been too bad. however, had a pants day a work plus i haven't been to the loo for a few days so my ibs or i'm just bunged up is giving me jip. my solution was to eat crap thinking that the fat will help me go. now i'm narked at myself for letting this happen. sorry to winge, my kids are in bed and my other half is touring europe with his bike mates otherwise he'd of got it. thanks for ready. ohhh and yes i will go on friday even though i don't want to. keep thinking summer aint coming cause of the weather then it supprises me with sunshine like today. :(
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Finally a size 12!
Hey everyone has bad days but instead of easting crap to make u go loo try fibre clear in ya water it will soften ya poo (sorry to be vulgre) or duxolax. Ive had a crap day I ate an egg and sice of ham back on the wagon tomorrow as got a new CDC who i hope will be more supportive xx
get weighed on friday, ask your cdc for some fibre 89 that will keep things moving. Although you prob should take something now if you are bunged up maybe some dulcolax or sennakot
hi, thanks. don't laugh or shout but this morning i took two spoon fulls of senacot syrup (i've got it in for my 1year old). then tonight after i'd stuffed my fat face i found some xenical (slimming pills that remove fat) in my kitchen cupboard. i popped one of them to. i have a feeling i'm either gonna be up all night with gut ache or late for work tomorrow if you know what i mean. having said that i'm not what you call a regular girl, it's just i feel all bloated today and i hadn't lost much weight,s o then i think i get stressed out about it hence the tummy ache. i'll ask my cdc about that stuff though. do you know how much it is off the top of your head? by, tyhis is gonna be an exspensive week. i've also changed my cdc. my old one charged me £35 a week no matter what i bought. this one tots everything up and the other week it came to £39, think it must be the bars.

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