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I'm sad..


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Well I have gone and ruined it all. After a 2 stone loss and 6 weeks of CD I ate. Pasta!! I thought one day wouldn't hurt as I had really had enough. Well then I started straight back on track yesterday and after a bad day at work ate again. So today i weighed myself and 3 lbs is the damage. I know it's not the end of the world but I had made a promise to myself that I wouldn't break till I go on holiday on the 17th June so I am just feeling angry with myself. So today I am back on it and am not breaking. I managed for 6 weeks so i can manage for another 4. I am 13 stone and if I can just get to 12 stone something before my hols it means that I can relax. It's so important to me and I can't believe I ruined it!
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no point commenting on the pasta eating, you clearly feel bad enough already sooo

put it behind you.....forget it........and move on, you have been good for 6 weeks, and you CAN DO IT AGAIN!!

chin up xx


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You can lose it quickly again. Just draw a line under it and move on. Drink plenty water and before you know it those 3lbs will be long gone, and plenty more to follow.
you've done fab getting to where you are now!! a little blip in the system - it's done cant be changed......so bottle this feeling and next time your tempted to eat open it up and think NO! dont need it and walk away! thats such a better feeling of knowing you've resisted than the feeling of regret once you've swallowed something!

I'm living with the saying at the front of my head -

'Nothing tastes as good as the feeling of being slim'

3lbs will be gone in a day!!

your doing fab!! holiday holiday holiday!! you'll look and feel fantastic!!

You have no influence over what's gone but you can influence what's to come and you seem to have a great attitude towards that. Let it go, and you'll be back on course in no time - from reading threads on here, the 3lbs is probably water gain and will be gone before you know it
good vibes
i had a blip with rice a few week back. Gained 4 lbs. I worked really hard through that week but it came off plus 2 more!!! It is all probably water weight. The important thing is to get back on track and not worry about it. Tomorrow is another day!!! your strength lies in your ability to recoginse what you have done, and gain control of it and not necessarily in the saftey net of Cd ss. good luck, you have done sooooo well so far. You can keep going.

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