I'm Shrinking !!


I want to be slim !!
Hi Everybody..
Hope your all having a great weekend.!!

Well today i went out shopping AGAIN,
(it's my fav past time)
And we have a new shop called LIME its part of NEXT and well worth a visit, anyway as i dont have any clothes that fit me now thought i would treat myself to a new pair of jeans, so i took a pair of 14 jeans into changing room and they were too big :eek: :eek:

I could not beleive i am able to get into a size 12 jeans !! :D (I kept checking the label to see if i was dreaming)
The last time i was a size 12 was nearly 6 years ago...

Also.. last week i tried every item of botton half clothes in my wardrobe and ended up with only one item still fitting me,
All the rest do not fit they are all size 16/18, has anyone ever sold there old clothes on ebay or another website,
most are nearly new as i bought them for my Eygpt holiday in June this year..

Anybody interested in them ??
Hi CJ, congrats on your size 12s:D . Not done the ebay thing myself but a friend regularly buys and sells so it's probably worthwhile trying. How long has it taken you so far?
:D Congratulations C.J, it must be a wonderful feeling to be a size smaller than you thought you were. Keep on shrinking. (To a healthy weight of course)

Well done Cara!

Great feeling isn't it? Funnily enough I just posted a story in my diary of when it happened to me (last time that is!)

I sold lots of clothes on Ebay and did quite well but if i was to do it again would perhaps do it in bundles because of the new postage charge system?
The only problem was that I spent what I made buying myself clothes on Ebay - mind you, they were much smaller so it's all ok! :D

Good luck and enjoy your size 12s!

Jeanie x
Thanks for all your replys..

NATPOT.. Ive been on CD for 6 full weeks now.. I started at size 18 and 13st 9lb,
6 weeks later i'm 11st 8lb and a size 12 jeans, Im still buying size 16 tops as my boobs have not shrunk too much,
(much to my hubby's delight !!)
Cara that is so fab, well done you!!!! when are you coming over this way again???

Tell me more about lime??? where is it???

Look at you in a 12, hope to be there in a few weeks too, my top half is still top heavy lol, dont think its a bad thing though:rolleyes:
CJ that is amazing in such a short time:)
Way to go you!!!!
You're doing great - get rid of all those old clothes cos you're never gonna be wearing them again :D

Love Kitty xxx
Well done to you - what a fantastic feeling!!

Like you I'm going down in sizes, but have been passing all my clothes on to a friend of mine (I've kept one pair of really big jeans as a reminder of how big I was - even they were tight at one point!)

You should have a go at Ebay - post a link on here so we can all bid! Great from making some extra money to by new ones - especially in your new skinny size 12's!!

Well done you again :)