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I'm so fed up and annoyed :(


I know I can do it..
I'm really looking forward to start this Cambridge Diet :( It's in my mind and I can't wait to start, but oh my god.. i don't know if it's me being impatient or maybe I'm having a bad day and just letting it get to me...

I contacted the CDC on the 26th September, she didn't get back in touch with me until the 13th October, arranged an appointment for 17th October. I took the form to the doctors to be signed the same day.

I just phoned the doctors to see if he's signed it and was told that it's private work and she doesn't know whether he'll sign it this week or it may run into next week, or it may even be after that!!!! :(

I'm gutted.. it's taken me ages to try and get this started. I'm off work because of some womens problems and need to have a laparoscopy to find out what's happening but they told me I can't have it done because I need to lose weight first because of the risks. But... i've got to wait for him to sign. In total, it's going to take over a month to actually start! :( i'm whining! I know I am, but my head is so ready for this... if it was a free service I'd understand having to wait, but it's not.
I just want to lose weight :(
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ahh hun that sucks. id ring the doctor again and try and get it pushed along. It is literally just a few things they need to check and sign it. i was in and out to my doctor in 5mins with it. i really feel for you, i know what your going through i had to wait aswell!!!


I know I can do it..
Thanks hun, it's just sooo sad that my ticker has been on here for a while..... :( and isn't moving!!!!

*sigh* I feel a bit better now after my rant. I can't do anything about it so will just have to wait.

I better not call the surgery back today, the woman on reception is a bit like Mrs Raven from the programme 'My Hero' so i'll leave it till tomorrow, but I am going to phone everyday! :) Thanks tho
such a shame hun, but yes make sure you give them a call everyday. good luck hunni.xx


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Hi do you have to get the form signed for contraindications or to do SS if it is the latter could you start on ss+ then go down to ss when doc has signed the form?By the way I have firewall receptionist too,do you think they started training as doctors,failed the course,then became the next best thing??!!


Doing Slimming World
If your BMI is over 40 then yes, altho mine was 44 when I started and my Doctor wouldnt sign it off - I started on 1200 instead and lost a total of 27lbs whilst on it & I really did love it too.

My CDC said starting on 1200 meant I could loose weight, eat healthily and now I can do SS as I'm 39.5 she said. So even if you had to do that it's not a bad thing as the losses do come off.
I know how you feel and I only had to wait a couple of days!! You poor thing, I feel bad for moaning about having to wait two days!!! Good luck when you get going, not that you'll need luck xx
I really hope you get some info soon! Bloody doctors!! I would keep calling them until they get their arse in gear and give you your form back!!

I understand how frustrating it is to really want to do CD, but things standing in your way. I've just restarted as had a months worth left over from when I did it before. I have a VERY long way to go, but can't get super motivated...as I only have a months supply and don't even know if I'll be able to get anymore after that as CD isn't available in Canada. I really want to do it, but don't know how to make it possible!!

Hope it works out quickly hun!!
I did look at optifast...and they said I had to go to a clinic in Toronto weekly. I live in Vancouver ...the other side of Canada haha Might have to see if there is a way around it!! =o)
I am so sorry i know how annoying that is.

Keep calling your doctor in hope that it will annoy them. Is there another doctor that can sign it for you?
I remember waiting to join LL and if your doctor didnt sign your forum they had a doctor that would and i think he charged £30.

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