Im so fed up now


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After my CDC telling me yesterday that the company doesnt like you having bars when I rang her to order my weeks packs I went to get them and be weighed,this week I couldnt go in the afternoon as normal (she weighs me while at work in her baby goods shop in full view of other staff and customers,we never get time to *chat* about the diet,she never asks me how my weeks gone or how much water im managing,and she measured my waist the first week and not since)
Any way I arrived at her home at 9.30 she came to the door and asked me in, the scales were out and my packs were on the floor bagged up by the side of the scales,
the phone rang (another customer ordering food packs) she took the order, and pointed for me to get on the scales, which I did, she then finished on the phone and wrote down my weight on my card,
didnt tell me how much Id lost just said
OK £32.50 THEN
I gave her the money and asked how id done (my scales showing a loss of 5lb this week,last week they showed me as the same weight her scales did so i thought hers would at least be close)
just a pound off she said,but you lost a stone in your first week so im not bothered about it only being a pound,
Ill see you next week, and with that she opened the door for me
I was back in my car for 9.37 :eek:

no mention of AAM,BARS,or any other hints and tips on how to succeed

if I didnt have the support on here I would give up I feel so down,
Had to go into ASDA on way home to pick up some milk and bought the kids some double choc chip mega muffins (4 pack) and was so close to eating one in the car on the way home but decided to eat one of the 2 bars id got for the week instead (it was the cranberry one and it was yummy)

so 3 weeks and 18lb lost and my motivation is almost lost too:eek:
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Oh Hun, Cant you find another cdc at all, ring cambridge, new ones are about all the time.

And tell her you need support.

You have done mega well, I personally weigh at home and not at all at cdc as I feel better doing that x


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Hi Lisa

I really think you should contact CD HQ and speak to Lisa Carter. This is totally unacceptable and shouldn't be allowed to continue.

I also think you need to speak to your CDC and explain that you were hoping for more support from her, and that you feel that her behaviour to date is unacceptable. I know it's difficult, but a good CDC can make the difference in success/failure.

Congrats on losing 18 lbs in three weeks, and sending you some {{HUGZ}}


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I know I should speak to her about it,but just done feel comfortable talking to her because Ive seen her 4 times now never longer than 5-10 mins or so and feel like a stranger shes not the type of person you could talk to anyway,she seems quite abrupt iyswim, when I rang her last night to order her husband picked the phone up as she was *upstairs* he said he would get her to ring me back,2 hours later I rang her again as she hadnt got back to me and she said my phone wasnt working properly, no appology nothing just blamed my phone (it wasnt broken ive had no trouble with it at all)

So I think ill just look for another CDC in my area, anyone know any good ones in Birmingham


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This is disgusting behaviour and totally unacceptable.
Cousellors should give priority to their clients and not to answering the 'phone or serving someone else. Her actions are just plain rude!

I aim to spend about 3/4 to an hour with new clients, so I can explain all about CD, side effects, measure them etc etc etc. After that it is down to the individual and most people are here for between 20/30mins telling me about their past week etc - but if they need longer then that is fine. I do have clients who email me what they want and it is ready for them to pick up as they come in, jump on the scales and then dash .... but that's their choice and most prefer to sit and chat about their week, ask questions and look forward to the following week. i even have one lady who I see every 5days as she needs the motivation.
There are plenty of other CDC out there ... ring headoffice 0800 161412 and find someone else.

You have done so well .... so pat on the back and now find yourself a decent counsellor to continue your good work with.


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Didn't realise you were in Birmingham honey. My mum had a similar experience with a CDC in Brum, which put her right off. Fortunately for her she has a daughter who's a CDC ;)

Give 0800 161412 a bell and see if any new ones have come up in your area - you never know.

I do understand how difficult it can be to raise a 'hard' subject with someone, and really hope you get this sorted.

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Firstly congratulations on your great weightloss and for resisting the muffins.

You do need more support that this.

DQ has said to contact Lisa, at present if you do want to contact CD please contact Kerensa Preedy-Houston on [email protected].

Lisa is away from the office quite a lot at the moment and Kerensa is dealing with issues like this.


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Thank you all,
As I said if it was for you lot I would have gone under by now


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Sending you (((((((((BIG))))))))) whirlwind. Can't really add anything to the excellent advice you've already been given except to say that you really do deserve a better service than this and I do hope you find a good CDC soon.

Please don't lose heart, remember that you're doing this for YOU :)

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Whirlwind I have to say that I am very proud of you. Despite getting the care you want you are still going strong.

See if there are anymore councillors in your area and if there are a few then speak to them all to find the one you like the best.

At the end of the day you have upteen hundred people here on minimins all here to help and support you. If you are having some tough times then think of us and know that you can post anything and that we are here ;)

Good luck with whatever you decide but in the meantime you can rely on your own self determination and of course the forum to give you that little bit extra. :)


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I am starting to worry now. My CDC didn't weigh me (I had just left the docs and was weighed there!) so I will lether off for that one but she didn't measure me either? Is she supposed to or do you do it yourself?