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I'm so fed up.


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Oh sweetie, tonight must be the night for feeling crap. You know you haven't cheated and at the end of the day the scales will prove her wrong. Please stay strong willed. What would your reply be to me if I'd posted what you have?
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aww hun, don't let her get to you. Just wait until weigh in and you will have hardcore evidence!

Maybe also have a chat with her and explain that you are more likely to succeed at the diet without her putting pressure on you


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Every time i got out with a friend my mum always assumes i've cheated!

it's so annoying everytime i come home to a deit interrogation.

well i haven't cheated not once and i've had dozens of oppertunities to! :mad:
Hi Nasreen :)

Sorry that your mum's behaviour is upsetting you.

Just wondering, have you tried sitting her down and talking to her about your diet and plans etc? If she's worrying about you and what you eat (as most Mum's do:rolleyes:) because she wants success for you, then maybe she is just not getting that message across in a way that helps you and just feels like an interrogation?

I'm sure this can be resolved hun with a bit of calm conversation. What do you think?

Lacey..xx :)
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hey hunni, dont feel bad. at the end of the day you know that you havent cheated and thats exactly what the scales will show!....

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Just take a deep breath and smile. You will prove her wrong at your next weigh in dont let it go the other way and spoil your diet.XX


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why do some people have a downer when you are trying to lose weight.. ? this diet is hard enough without being constantly challenged by people who should be supporting you

Keep up the good work - then you can be the smug one !
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I am sure she means well, good idea above to have try and have a little chat to her.

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