I'm so glad to be back.....


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Hi everyone!

I was on Lipotrim for only 3 weeks in the summer, I lost nearly 2 stone! Something really awful happened in my personal life and it totally threw me off the Lipo track....(managed to regain all the weight :cry:)
I'm back now (5th day), and as usual, this forum is brilliant, everyone is so supportive, and a couple of you are still around (Chelly, Irish Molly) which is great to see!
I think I must be in Ketosis now, I'm feeling really great today, lots of energy and I can't hear the fridge calling my name today!
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Ello! and welcome (back) to the forum! I started this Monday, but I did do it last summer. I too must be in ketosis as I feel great and feel like im losing the weight already!

Weigh in on Monday so only time will tell.. good luck with your first weigh in


5 stone to go!
hey dunders welcome back...im sorry to hear about that but look your here now and youve made the right decision so best of luck..you can do it!..theres quite a few restarters around the place too which is good... look forward to reading how you get on....lotsa luck you can do it! x


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Welcome back!
Dont worry about regaining the weight, you'll have it off in no time and then you can continue to lose even more weight :)

Good luck with your first weigh in!


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Good luck dunders. xx


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Oh the 2st back on, yep with you there!! Don't worry it will gone before you know it! That's what i keep telling myself. Welcome back.


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Hi Dunders
Welcome back...you have made the big leap and being on Day 5, well you are almost at DDay!!!!

I remember you from last year. I lost just under 4 st and have put on just under 2st so am back again too!

Seems to happen to the best of us!
Have a great weekend and let us know how you get on come Monday at WI.


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Good to see you back on the forum!!!

Im in the same boat im afraid I put all apart from 1lb back on of what i lost last year.. whoops!! But I know where I went wrong im a greedy poop!!

Sorry to hear you had trouble in your personal life and i hope everything is ok with you now!

Good luck chick! xxxx


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Welcome back i also put 2 stone on but at least were all here doing something about it. Good luck

irish molly

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Dunders, welcome back. Sorry you had a bad time. Hugs for that. Sounds like you are well back on track now and good for you!!! Lots of luck for your first weigh in.