I'm so glad to get back to my CD


Cambridge Diet Counsellor
Hope you all had a lovely Christmas.

I was shocked to see a 4 lb increase on the scales. It must be the sweet carbs that did it and I didn't have much - honest.:confused:

I had wine and Baileys though.

So I can't believe how easy it has been today. I've had 3 shakes and I'm just going to treat myself to one more.

I have realised since my post about "Going into ketosis be brave" that you can have an extra LT or CD to get you through the day.

I don't need it, but the thing about CD is that it tastes so good. I never really wanted another Lipotrim, except on my third journey into ketosis.

That powder you put into your water is so good. It makes drinking the water much easier. Wish I'd known about that when I was LT'ing.

Happy New Year to you all. Hope to have lost this 4 lbs in a week.

Love Marylyn xxx
What a great post to inspire people to get back on track...well done Marilyn! :D

Hope you don't mind but this seems to have been posted in the Technical Forum...will move it into the VLCD forum.