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I'm so happy I can't stop crying! A new challenge...

Hi Everyone

I just wanted to share a HUGE milestone with you.

On February 13th it will be one year since my Dad died from prostate cancer. Given that March is Prostate Cancer Awareness Month, I have decided to raise both awareness and money for the prostate cancer charity.

I want it to be a physical challenge as it'll be good for me and show my Dad just how far I've come. Now I'm at goal I need the motivation to keep going and be fit and healthy as opposed to just skinny.

I used to be super fit before I piled on weight. I was an international athlete and trained about 30 hours a week. Then it all went horribly wrong, I had a lot of injuries and was very ill, one of the reasons for piling on so much weight over a 10 year period.

However, since losing weight I've been terrified of doing anything apart from swimming or cycling. Partly because I'm scared of not being able to do it and partly because I don't want to injure myself again.

But given I want to challenge myself I've decided I'm going to spend the month of March running the distance from where I live in Cheshire to my Dad's birthplace in Bristol. This is 152 miles in total. An average of 4.9 miles a day.

A very nice thought..if only I could run. So at 11 am I thought 'sod it I'm going for a run'! I used to do a six mile circuit from my house amost every day when I was at my fittest.

I started off walking for the first few minutes then put a groovy tune on my ipod and set off at a shuffle pace. And do you know, I didn't stop for the whole six miles!! I actually got faster the further I went, and was quite disappointed when I got home as I wanted to carry on!!

I can do it. I can actually run again! I'm not so heavy my knees and hips are burning. My boobs don't feel like they're going to knock me out. It was amazing. I've not felt this alive in years. And if I can do six miles with no trouble, I can do the challenge to raise money!!

I'm just so emotional, for various reasons. I've come so far. I've just done something I haven't been physically able to do since I was 19. I can do something my Dad would be so proud of. I just can't believe it!!

Once I've set up my sponsorship page I'll let you know the link and maybe some of you might want to sponsor me? (cheeky I know!)

I've got six weeks before my challenge begins. I can't wait!!
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Fully supporting you Rachel! Well done!
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well done, thats fantastic!
daisy x
Awww, well done!

I'll sponsor you too, don't forget to let us know when it's all up and running!

Louale x


Gold Member
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So pleased for you, well done!! xx
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well done hon
great news


I'm going to be slim
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I'll sponser you & Well done on another achievement
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Thats fab :D I so can't wait to get back there again it's an amazing feeling being able to do something you haven't in years. I managed 20 mins on the x trainer and it's not much but it's the first time in about 5 years that I could really do it, amazing stuff :D

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Oh and get that link posted xXx
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That's so brilliant! Your Dad will be watching you all the way.
just becuae i'm feeling so good I thought I'd let you know I've managed another 6 miles today. I can feel muscles I haven't felt in years and my stomach isn't wobbling nearly as much already!

They say it takes 12 days to get into a habit. I hope I can get into this one because it's making me feel so good about myself.

Kelly Holmes eat your heart out!!


constantly confused
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That is INCREDIBLE!!!! :eek:

Contact local newspapers, womens magazines, radio and tv stations etc to really drum up sponsorship. :D :D
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Thats fantastic hun well done :) I'm sure you'll keep it up, you really sound so positive and up-lifted.

Emma xXx
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Well done! Must feel so empowering!

Just as an aside, on the bouncing boobs front - I have 40DD boobs and doing things like horse riding and jogging and stuff I needed a decent bra. The very best one I bought was from LessBounce :: Sports bras bra for every sport in every size
My favourite one (the Enell bra) is proper scaffolding, but by god the relief of having boobs that don't move when you run or ride or whatever is just immense. :D

Anyway good luck and keep us updated on how training is going!

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