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Im so so excited but I could cry!!!!!!!!!!!

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I could cry this morning!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:cry::cry::cry::cry::cry::cry:

Im so so so excited about my hols here's where we are going
Large house with swimming pool and hot tub with direct access to Freshwater East Beach - sleeps 10

but as of 10 mins ago I have come on!!!!!!!!! Im devastated!

after all that hassle last month with those flippin tablets to stop me coming on and now Im day 24 and Im not due on for potentially another 11 days and just been to the loo and kapow TOTM is there!!!!!!!!!

Im so peed off!!! I think its because I introduced food this week and my body was celebrating,
BUT Im not going to let it ruin my hols but you can imagine how I feel!

So Im off to boots to buy some supplies and finish packing, but in other news.......

I have officially lost 4 stone since January 5th for my hols which Im really pleased about and proud of and when I get back that will be it Im gettting to goal.

Will miss you all loads when Im away but will be back on here next Saturday night

All be good and strong and hopefully you will all be lighter by then.

Julie good luck with your appointment on Weds with the IVF and I cant wait to hear what they say

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Aw bless your heart bloody periods men dont know they are born. I know you and know this wont ruin the hol for you just put a bit of a dampner on things and bet dh wont be best pleased either. Have a fab time honey enjoy!!!!!xxx


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AWW. Hey, you will enjoy the holiday regardless right? (I came on this morning too) But great news about the 4 st darling. Well done!!
time to relax now, the place your going looks so lovely. NOT JEALOUS!!! LOL Have a great time.See you next week.

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4 stone is amazing. Congrats on that. Have a brilliant holiday. You'll be missed on here BIG time. Enjoy yourself xxx


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Hi Jess

Not been around lately at all...but just wanted to wish you a fantastic holiday and well done on the 4 stone. that's amazing!




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Have a fab holiday Jess, don't let totm spoil a minute of it. Big hugs and WELL DONE on the 4 stone... awesome honey!!! See you soon, & have fun!



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4 stone is what I am aiming for so its a gr8 help to see its achievable :D

Have a great hol im mega jelous!


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Woo hoo! Have a fab holiday! 4 stone is amazing!!! xx


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Have a wonderful time !


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It'll be over soon and you'll be able to enoy it nonethe less. When you get back, get yourself to the docs and get some transamic acid, it reduces the days and the heavyness on TOTM. Enjoy your hols hunni. xx
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Ah im so jealous of your holiday! You will have a fantastic time! Dont let totm spoil it at all. Youve done so well :)


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Have a great hols xxx
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Don't let it spoil your time away. Well done 4 stone is brill. Just had a look at your holiday home, it looks wonderful, i'm jealous too, have a great hol!!


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wtg on the 4stones and i know exactly how you feel, about the totm thing it does suck, but im sure you will have a great time :D
Hope you have a wonderful holiday...

4 stone is a great acheivement and you will look lovely for your holidays!!

Dont worry about totm you will still have a fabulous time!



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Jess, Hon
Firstly CONGRATULATIONS on losing 4 stone hon!! You have done so so well and just in time for hols.... thats amazing hon, I am so proud of you!!
Damn totm its a pain in the a-- I so know how much you didnt want it for your hols hon. but hopefully it will go away before you know it dont let it spoil your hols for you!! You are going to feel so good feeling so much better in yourself..
I have friends coming over now but just wanted to say have the best time.. We will miss you and see you when you get back.
Lotsa love xxxx Marissa x


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Oh my that looks beautiful!

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