I'm So Stupid


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I went on Management beginning of December and i've managed to right royally bugger it up.

Now that i'm eating i can't control myself and i've managed to put back on two stone. I know i'm not really hungry but for some reason i just don't seem to care. I'm struggling to get back on the foodpacks and terrified that i'll end up the same again once i get onto Management. Mind you at the rate i'm going trying to get back onto the diet i might never get back into management again!

I'm so stupid. I vowed this time would be different cos i'd actually got to target but no......
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oh honey... first of all you are not stupid...

now... how much did you lose??? putting 2 stone back on isn't that bad ok... its what you do about it now is the thing...

i was just thinking bout this the other night... when i was 12st 4 back in august i should have just got on WW and stuck with that plan and i'd be grand now... but instead i tried for what seems like FOREVER to get back on CD with no joy.... and yes the 4 stone i lost i have just about put back on give or take a half a stone....

so what i'm saying to you is this... instead of trying to get back on the magic diet, if its not working for you try something different and this might work for you and ya never know you might just slip into the frame of mind to do the VLCD again when you don't put urself under so much pressure now...

please please please try something now.... ya really don't want to get to where i am now.... i promise you!!!!


Gen xxx


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Instead of trying to get back into SSing now, what about doing the maintenace section of Lighter Life and see how you do on that weight wise, you would have three packs and a protein meal and then if you felt you wanted to lose faster you could step from there back into SSing without suffering carb withdrawal.

Love Mini xxx


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First of all YOU ARE NOT STUPID!!! Lost maybe, disappointed - certainly, out of control, possibly - but NOT stupid. Where is your Lighter Life Counsellor in all this???
I put a stone on in 3 weeks over Christmas and the New Year, and I know how you feel. But we DO have a choice don't we? I agree with Gen, if foodpacks alone aren't going to "do it" for you this time - go on another plan - anything to put structure back in your life again.
I only know about Cambridge, and you could do 3 other plans besides Sole Source (foodspacks only)
Your LL Counsellor needs to help you - or find someone that will.
Ann x


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First, like Gen said, you are not stupid!

Can you identify when it started to unravel? At what point in Management did you start feeling the need to eat for reasons other than hunger?

I have come to realise that this programme is a long journey of self-discovery. So you have put on two stone. It's what you do NOW that is important. Try if you can to look forward and draw a line under the past - don't hold it against you.

Please do not beat yourself up about what's happened - it's all part of your journey and that is what is important. Have you had a chat with your counsellor about what's happened? Can you attend some meetings again?

Please don't despair. Please keep posting. Your experience is valuable and you are valued on this site. YOU ARE NOT STUPID (please repeat standing in front of a mirror three times, three times a day)!



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How about focusing on the positve. You are still a lot lighter than when you started, 2 stone away from target is not a huge amount. If you stepped up the exercise and ate healthily you would see that weight drop off again. Get out of this all or nothing approach - until you do you are onto a hiding for nothing.

Finally you are not stupid - fed up yes, stupid no. We have all done this kind of thing and it is so frustrating - but you can beat it Honey - give yourself a chance!

Love Barb xxx


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Oh please don't despair! You're not the only one this has happened to. This happens to everyone in the world!! Weight on humans does naturally fluctuate. Even alot of my slim friends have this problem. You just have to find the will to nip it in the bud and get back in control!!
I tend to agree with the others. Mini suggested that maybe you have 3 packs and a meal. That's a good compromise. See how that goes.
If you think about it 2 stone on this diet is nothing really. You could have it all off again by easter. Call up your counsellor and discuss it with her. You deserve to do it for yourself. Look how miserable it's making you!!! Maybe sit down and write down all your feelings at the moment, that may help you to focus.
Keep smiling!!