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I'm soo stressed this evening!! :(


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It wont be helpful to share all the stressful things that today has held..

just to say I am now,


home alone and able to get my work done before the morning (2000 words, one computer, no interuptions, space to myself :) Finally.. bliss!)

But I'm still calming down after such a pointless waste of a day, and this HAS TO BE FINISHED before I go to sleep tonight, and I've got soo much to do..

Luckily, I love what I do, and I'll get it done.. but for the first time in a long time, I keep finding myself in the empty kitchen cupboards, looking naughtily at the tins and jars.. I don't want anything there - I WANT TO BE DOING MY WORK!!!

There's nothing interesting in there anyway, the odd tin of kidney beans and half finished jars of jam sitting there for weeks.. my OH buys just what he's going to cook and nothing more, so that helps.. I'd neither enjoy eating anything, or how I'd feel afterwards, but I'm having fantasies about a teaspoon of jam, or cooking some rice.. and I know it's all just about avoiding my work.. and that's daft cause I love my work!! I'm just trying to settle down into it and struggling!!

Right! Stress shared - hopefully not doubled!! Haha! :D

Let's see how I get on now...

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Oh I remember those feelings well, from when I was doing my degree. I used to do anything but my course work and then end up burning the midnight oil. Hope your 2000 words flow well, and you've taken a deep breath and got over your stress. Weeks old jam is bound to taste awful. Have a glass of water instead :)


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Your doing fab, chin up.......... drink lots of water and who wants rice and jam anyway when we have yummy milkshakes or bars to eat!!
Keep smiling your doing great x


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Good luck with all your work. I was a mature student doing an HNC at local college. With kids ages 9 & 7 and a nightshift working OH the only time i could get any peice was at 4 in the morning! I got really stressed with it all, my OH (much as he is very good) just didnt get the point that he needed to take kids away for hours at the weekend but thought nothing of packing up HIS fishing stuff and heading out for hours on end leaving me with all things house and home, kids, part time job and study/course work.
I was bordering on madness by the end as i just couldnt get through to him for the two years how much i wanted to do the course and that he had to help.
Hey ho, I did it, i passed, i'm working etc etc but i wouldnt do it again.
Very very best wishes in completing your course work.


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Blimey M! ..and here I am complaining when I have the house to myself and everything lined up ready to go! Congratulations on your determination and strength.. that bodes very well for your determination and strength in completing this challenge in spite of the obstacles and lack of support that get in the way!

Didn't get it finished last night, trying to get more done today.. off to a wedding in an hour.. home very very late.. work tomorrow and Tues, Hampton Court Wed, and have to email it Tues at the latest!

Watch this space!!! :rolleyes:

All the best! ..and thank you for the support :) it means an awful lot - not getting much from anywhere else on this front right now..


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