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I'm starrrrving

I am on day 5, the first few days which I thought were gonna be the hardest were really easy for me, but now I am starving:cry:, I thought ketosis kicked in on day 4 why am I finding it harder? And how do you know when ketosis has kicked in? Do you feel any different?I'm drinking loads of water, please tell me it will get better :boohoo:
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Day 5 i started to feel better and day 6 i got a sudden surge of energy which was when the ketosis started.

What i do is i split my shakes up. so instead of 3 its 6 small cups. It helps me
get through the day.

Black coffee also suppresses appetite ,
i hope it gets easier for you.:)


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drink lots and lots of water! :D this helps with hunger pangs
I dont like the black coffee I keep trying it but nah just cant but will keep on with the water cant be without it as very thirsty i think I must look like a bottle of water by now lol. I just dont get it though cos I was alright and when I thought it would be better its got worse, maybe I'm just having one of those days eh.
Thanks guys x x xLainie x x x


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The water does get easier :). It's pretty hard to begin with though.


Here we go again!
I struggled with 2 litres at first but now am on over 3 and half a day and it does get easier. The water does help with the pangs, that and black coffee. I got a real energy boost on day 7 and have had it ever since. Never felt so good. I know some people have been ill whilst on this but I never have, I hope to always feel this good.


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I drink it warm. Goes down really easy then.


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I find a mint drop or a 'paper mint' help the pangs go away. I'm sure peppermint tea would help too. gonna try it;)


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poor you!! just think of your weigh in - it will help! I find that if i have some sparkiling water i feel full and it feels like a treat! as for the black coffee i have been drinking in with a sweetex in it as it just takes the edge off! xx


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Day 5 was the hardest for me!!

day 6 i felt amazing!!
Try and keep yourself very busy and it'll take your mind completely off feeling hungy. Drink lots of water too, hope you feel better soon I luckily didnt have any hunger pains but my belly does rumble very loud now and again,LOL. Good Luck, you can do it.x

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