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I'm starting CD on wednesday, but I'm concerned about saggy skin


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Mrs B

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Hi Ruth,I've got 12 stone to lose - I know I will have loose skin. I keep slapping on the moisturiser. Exercise won't tighten your skin. I've heard it can take 6 months for your skin to recover so don't worry too much if it does start to look saggy. I'd still rather be healthy with saggy skin than fat.
Hi Ruth

Try not to worry, there is only so much you can do as it depends on so many factors, when you gained weight, how long you've been overweight, genetics etc etc. As Mrs B said it can take quite a while for your skin to catch up so you need to give it time. Better to be thin with a little bit of saggyness.

I think it's something like 2 months for every stone, but agree with the others, would prefer some saggy skin than being overweight.


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Hi, Keep up the moisturiser, I've found the ones in Lidl and Aldi are only a pound for a huge bottle and they've been the best by far they're lovely rich and creamy. I've lost nearly 8 stone and there's a patch under my belly button about a palm width that's a bit wrinkly and saggy but when I'm all maintained and done I'm sure it will have caught up. Saying that, I'm not going to wear anything that will show this bit off and even a bit of sag will remind you not to reach for the cake ever again xx


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I'm really worried about this, and Ive always been like overweight, my body had grown the way it has, with excess skinn and sags etc. I'm convinced I'll still have a huge 'apron' belly once i've lost and I know i'll hate it, but I certainly cant afford a tummy tuck.
If you have lost 5 stone or more, and kept it off, in some cases you can have a tummy tuck on the NHS.

Skinny with saggy skin = look good in clothes, look bad naked.
Fat with no saggy skin = look bad in clothes, look bad naked (not in all cases I know but I assume there's a reason you are losing weight that is aesthetic as well as for health).

You will fare better in the looks/aesthetics department when you've lost the weight.

If it makes you feel better, a saggy tummy wont really look saggy when you are lying down. You can still look good in lingerie with a saggy tummy.

Hope some of that makes you feel better.
Thanks all, I'm thinking of getting that stretch mark cream, hopefully that will ward off some saggyness!

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