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I'm starting the Cambridge weight plan Help!!

Hi all,

Where to begin? hmm I've decided ... finally decided that i needed to do something drastic to change the way I look. I've put on so much weight in the last two years ... yes moved from a size 8/10 to now 18!! I feel like killing myself when i read this. Anyhow I think I've tourtured myself enough. I just need people like you guys to motivate me so that i dont lose my focus. I just have no will power at the moment. So please anyone out there please drop me a line so that i feel im being monitored. Im starting the Cambridge diet tomorrow. From where i stand it looks pretty much impossible i just love to eat. How on earth will i manage surviving on this liquid diet. I sure hope the results are quick and visible. Cause thats when i just give up. I've tried and started so many diets but just did stick to it.

So please anyone out there share your stories and drop a lin a line or two.
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keep browsing the forum for advice and ideas and be positive about the diet - this is a good step for you, you are ready to loose weight or you wouldn't have looked into Cambridge and found a councillor (sp??)

you can do it, set your self small goals like get through day 1, get through week 1, loose a stone etc.
sip your water and remember that after day 3 or 4 it gets so much easier and you feel so much better

Well done on taking this first step. The support on here is so valuable, and has really helped keep me going. Deciding to change is such a crucial moment - can't weight to hear your happy stories as the weight starts falling off. Best of luck x


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this forum is really good for supoort too, you can ask anything about anything ... and there is generally someone who'll know, who'll find out about it, or has even been there themselves

good luck, and keep us up to date :)
Wow its great hearing back from you guys. I've started today. Since i know i'd have problems i.e. feel like im starving i started the day drinking water. ( woke up a bit late 10 am ;-) ) anyhow i drank my first chocolate shake at 12:15 couldn't hold with just water and green tea. my god i must say the shake sure is yummy just love chocolate so i had a big smile glued to my face after the drink. The only thing is im allowed only one. sniff sniff sniff next time i'll get more from my counselor.

Anyway so far so good. just cant wait till the day is over. I usually struggle at night cause thats went i comfort eat alot. Well then again im in front of the tv and feel like munching something!

I wish i had started this diet earlier my sisters wedding isnt far off now. oh well atleast i'm hoping to shed a few pounds.

well girls thanks again for the kind words I take it you are both on the same diet? I will have to read your log entries to find out how it all started out for you the good and bad.

till laters
Just had my dinner .. now its getting to me! im hungry. I am dying to bite into something. after lunch i.e. at 4:15 i felt like having another pack right after 2 hours cause I just wasnt full. Have been drinking alot of water the only reason im surviving.

just hope i make it to day 2. without slipping.
Well just had my chocolate shake ... managed to put off my first sachet by drinking 2L of water when i woke up. so far so good. went to bed at midnight yesterday thats a first. I usually go to bed at 2-3am. Guess i just dont have enough energy. But this morning woke up and felt great. Well hope things go as planned for the rest of the day. I've to go to town to get a couple of things just hope i dont dive into junk food ... yeah me and my cravings!!
Sounds like you are surviving well - congratulations! Remember how good it feels to be in control again, and how wonderful you will feel when you reach your goal and you will get there in no time. Best of luck x
Right in Control

Sounds like you are surviving well - congratulations! Remember how good it feels to be in control again, and how wonderful you will feel when you reach your goal and you will get there in no time. Best of luck x
Thanks ... definitely right ;) . What surprises me is the fact that i always tried to eat less and never managed to :break_diet:. How on earth am i doing it now?? I'm amazed. I totally enjoyed my day at work today didn't feel one bit hungry infact i still have 1/2 a sachet to drink :D. I'm so proud of myself and thanks for the encouragement it means so much. I just spend my time reading other peoples success stories just not to give up so its always nice to find someone keeping an eye on me :eek:.


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