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I'm still here and maintaining-update

Just to let you all know that I am still here and maintaining. Experimenting with various ideas on maintaining to see which suits me best.

This week I'm not counting calories which is abit scarey but I'm trying to see how I go on just being careful and "guesstimating".

Haven't got round to the exercising yet and I really must get myself sorted out in that regard so that it will make my maintenance even easier.

For those of you who were wondering how my day at the "Fitsquad Sun" went it was really good. I had a great time and I think the pics turned out pretty well. It should be in the paper in the next 4 weeks or so and they should warn me a few days beforehand so I'll keep you updated.

Well done to all those who started in January - hope you are getting into the swing of CD now - it'll change your life. xxxx
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hi Jodie

I just started in Jan - in day 3 three now and finding it ok. Reading success stories like yours is a great incentive to stick at it.


Susan x

P.S Look look stunning!!!

Cor, you been missed girl! Calorie counting can be a nightmare unless you're weighing stuff dont forget ;) Can't wait for you to be in the sun, so excited!

Exercising, good luck with that and lemme know if you find something fun!

Love ya hun xxx
Quite a transformation Jodie, you look GREAT!
Thanks Beckie, Susie and Leah.

Susie - day 3 is the "crunch" point for alot of people - it seems to be the hardest day for some reason but once your past today it will get a whole lot easier - hang in there. xx

Leah - i was weighing everything believe me! BUT, this week I wanted to try and just loosen up abit (if thats the right expression!) and see what happened - just weighed and i'm 8st 11.5lbs this afternoon which is my lowest yet!!! woo hoo! Maybe I'm getting the hang of this eating sensibly lark at long last - lol !

Thanks flower - ah i see you have almost made it to a year of maintaining - well done. I hope that I'll be saying the same thing this time next year:D
lol, never doubted it hun!
You are getting there, and i gotta be honest and tell you that you'll always have to watch it. You know those "fun gums" sweets? well they come in individual lil packs of 8/9 sweets and are around 56cals. I know you got a sweet tooth and when i saw them i thought of you. will see if i can find a link :)

Love ya chicken xxx


MUST get a grip
Cant wait to see the piccies of you - missing you in the daily, funny how quickly things change I guess.... Calories - cant wait to do that |(not) I'll be like kid in candy store!
You look fab hun - and are a great inspiration - I'm now on 25th day - where in the heck has that time gone????
Take care xxxx
Lol Leah - you remembered well, i still have my sweet tooth - will check out those sweeties!:D

I seem to control alot of my sweetie craving by having fruit - I eat LOADS of fruit, probably too much, but i figure its better than eating the naughty stuff.

Well done on getting past the 3 week mark Clare, you're right, time flies!
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Good to see you posting again and I am hoping to get loads of hints and tips when I get to full maintenance in a few weeks time.

Let's hope we can help eachother through this part of the journey!

:wave_cry:Georgie - i'm ready and waiting for you - its getting lonely here at maintenance by myself

Hi Sussex Girl - things are good here in sunny Hastings (and it was really sunny today for a change) Hows things your end?

Well, pleased to say I completed my gym form and gave it in today so I might actually go over the weekend. Quite looking forward to doing some weights, haven't used a gym for a few years.

Also planning to try an aerobics class next week and return to my Thai Boxing classes so in a few months i should have buns of steel:D

"official" weigh in today (still weigh and update ticker every Friday) and I was 8st 11.5 which is 2.5lbs below target - woohoo!!!! really pleased with that.

I've actually found the last few days quite "easy" (dare I say that word). By relaxing on the counting calories I seem to be listening to my body more and eating really healthily and just when I'm hungry.

My danger time is the evenings when I start rooting around the cupboards through my little boys treat size choccie bars. Usually if i have one then i have a binge BUT last night i had a teeny weeny Chomp bar, curly wurly and fudge bar (think it was 150 cals for the whole lot, if that) and managed to STOP! Wow, that was a big achievement for me.

Just realised that I am waffling, something tells me I should start a thread in the diary forum:D
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Hi Jo well done you look fab! I hope you be where you are mayeb sometime in march/april.
Hiya Jo,

Just wanna say that you are doing brilliantly at maintaing,

cant beleive i am still plodding on trying to shift this last little bit, when at one point we both had 7lbto get to goal !!

You can bet your bottom doller that i will be badgering you for help, tips and advice on maintaining when i eventually get there babe

Am so chuffed for you and so proud of you

love tara xxx
Tara - only 3lbs to go huni - YOU CAN DO IT!!!!! xxxx
S: 14st1lb C: 8st10lb BMI: 23 Loss: 5st5lb(38.07%)
:wave_cry:Georgie - i'm ready and waiting for you - its getting lonely here at maintenance by myself

Hang in there hun I'm coming, be with you in no time!


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