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I'm still here....


has started again!!
ok, I know I said goodbye, but I am still lurking and avidly reading all of your posts. You were all so kind to me, in all your different ways, when I said I was giving up. I really meant it, I felt just poo, however, I have continued to try, at least. Thus, here I am, a little subdued but here nonetheless.

I am really battling right now. The voices, internally and externally are all having some sort of effect on my ability to cope with ss-ing. They range from the "You cant have much more to lose surely? You look sooo good now..." to todays magic lines from my much loved and very caring Dad "You are looking yellow (??) now. I think you really need proper food and to lose the rest by diet and a gym."

As I have said, I am keeping on for the time being at least, although I expect that I will remain fairly quiet on minis until I get my good vibes back! Had an excellent class last week. Our LLC arranged for a qualified aromatherapist to come in and give us all a talk about her subject and its benefits to us. She also explained about body brushing, and how she had mixed up a personalised oil to use after body brushing, to help with our saggy skin. Although I am not expecting miracles I have ordered some as it smelt totally gorgeous if nothing else!

Our llc plans other visits from beauty therapists, clothes advisors and the like which I think has really given all of us in the class a huge boost. This has been particularly good for many of us, as we are all suffering the development blues, and I really feel she (LLC) cares enough to try to help us out of the diet doldrums in what ever way she is able, other than our counselling sessions.

Any way, chaps, a couple of weeks until our much longed for hols, so I will soldier on, with the occasional post.

Thanks everyone. Keep posting and I will keep reading!
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Cherry Plum

One day at a time
Thank Goodness you're back, we couldn't do it without you Sez.
I'm glad you're feeling a little better & not given up altogether.
You will achieve what you set out to do Sez, if you just keep going to your classes & use your LLC & minis for support.
Good Luck.


Staff member
Hi Sez,

Good to see you!!!

It sounds like you have a wonderful LLC:)

I love body brushing and do it about once a week, sometimes more when I am in the humour and I am a big fan of massage and using moisturiser after a shower or bath.

Great idea getting in all these people to help out with advice and especially clothes can be so difficult to see what suits when your losing weight.

Not long now to your holidays!

Love Mini xxx

Mrs Lard

Silver Member
Dear Sez

I don't think I posted when you needed time out and I am so glad you are checking in. I wanted to say, at the time of reading, that sometimes we do need a break although this is a controversial statement to make (once off, do you ever get on again?). Anyway, I really, really admire you for hanging on AND going to class; that's inspiration enough for the rest of us.

My advice is - if you can - just try to access your real, inner voice (intuition), which is hard when there is so much crooked thinking and external pressure. Only YOU can make the decision that is best for you but, as so many people said last week, we are all here to support you - whatever that decision is. The important thing is for you to feel you have a choice.

I admire your determination and I hope that you can find whatever you need to help you through these tricky times. (Cerulean and I had an in-depth discussion - on here, of course, about being in Development and just how tough it is, regardless of how much you have left to lose.)

Take care and I wish you well.

Love and hugs,

Mrs L xxxxxxx
YAY!!! So glad you are still there Sez.
You have an iron will lady - I so admire you.
Well done for soldiering on and I hope your patented jest returns pronto.
The voices can be so persuasive can't they ?
Good luck with everything and whether you feel subduded or not - you are always welcome here.
Take care of yourself hunny
good luck on getting on track, i think we are sharing the same voices! lol

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