I'm struggling, can't stop thinking about food!

Gem Dec 17th 06

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For the last 3 days I've started to struggle.
I haven't been bad and eaten anything but I can't stop thinking about eating.

I went into Woolworths after work and was admiring the fabulous selection boxes in there (I've picked the one I want!!! ;) ).

I don't know what to do to make the feelings go away!

I'm nearing the end of week 6.

Hi Hun,

Please don't eat!
remeber any time when u've cheated on diets in the past - and how it sent u into a binge and then u felt soo disgusted with urself?
It's not worth eating honey, it really isn't. A warm drink normally helps with cravings - so try some warm flavourings or black tea/coffe with sweetener and have a nice warm bath then go to bed.
You'll wake up soo porud of urself.
U're doign soo well hun, keep on thinking of ur wedding day and how gorgeous u're gonna look!!!!!!!!!!

Much love, Chelle xx
Hi Gem - sorry ur having a tough time :(

have you tried drinking more water ?? or how about just keeping busy so that ur concentrating on something else rather than food :confused: :confused:

would it help if you switched to 790cals ? that way you COULD have a small amount of food every day...might be enough to quell your 'urges' ;)

If that fails....how about weighing out the amount you've lost so far ?? or pop on here more if you get the chance ???

Sending lotsa positive vibes your way.....
not sure if that'll even help ya ....
It makes me feel cold drinking too much water! :(

I've shut myself in the spare room whilst on t'internet so when my Fiance comes in his tea shouldn't bother me toooo much!!!

He had THE most stunning looking pizza for this tea last night, four cheese and onion, it looked beautiful!!!!!

You're all soooo right, it's eased a bit now!!

I've just downloaded 3 Take That albums, so I'm reminiscing (sp?) with them!!

Fiance's back and has rubbish lasagne (bought not made) for tea so that won't bother me!!!

I'm not even hungry it's just food thoughts!!!

Glad it's Friday tomorrow, think we're going to Milton Keynes on Saturday for some wedding shopping and I need a new dress for my hen night :D

Thanks everyone!
Hi chelle,

sorry for the delay in replying, I haven't been on much!!!

I did ok, didn't faulter and once I'd had my coffee I felt much better!!

I got weighed at 7.30pm yesterday and I'd only lost 1.75lbs which I was a wee bit disappointed with but my CDC did say it's the end of the day, I've drank loads of water and my struggle this week plus being really tired will have contributed too - so I feel ok about it.

I've now lost 22lbs so I can't be anything other than happy!

Went shopping today, tried a size 14 skirt on and it was too big so have ordered a 12 :D - it's for the meal with the family the night before our wedding!!!

Thank you very much for thinking of me, you're lovely!

Gemx :D
I am don't worry!!!

My dress is gorgeous, tried MY dress on for the first time last week and it's soooo nice!!!! It's already too big but they're not worried about me losing any more weight :D

My CDC thinks I still have a chance to lose a stone in the next 4 weeks which would be incredible, my first proper dress fit is then and also my hen night is next month. :D

Hi Gem,

Your doing very well and I was just wondering when you said that you find the water makes you very cold!

I leave my water on the kitchen counter top as I have found it is easier to drink at this time of year at room temperature.

You could well lose a stone if you stick with the diet 100% and do some walking along with it. Walking is one of the best ways to get rid of belly fat.

You will have your up and down days with or without a diet.

Such is life.

Love Mini xxx
Hi Mini,

You're so right!
I've got some drinking to make up this evening as we've been in Milton Keynes all day, whilst filling up a 2 litre bottle, I added some hot water to it and it's been sooooo much easier to drink!!

I'm also going to start back at the gym Monday, using the treadmill on an incline and get some toning done on the weights machine's especially my top half ready to wear my beautiful wedding dress.

I didn't realise walking was good for tummy fat though, thanks for that!

Gemx :D
Hi Gem,

Don't get too carried away at the gym like I did...for when your SSing you have to take it a little easier.

Walking on the thread mill is fine.

Glad your able to up your water intake as this is key to the diet and it does help with detoxing the skin and making it look nice and clear along with your eyes sparkly for your big day.

Soft as well.

Love Mini xxx
Hi hun

So glad to hear that u're doing good!!
I drink 6 litres a day and my weight losses have been good, so if u can try to up ur water intake as, like mini said, water is most definately the key to this diet!
Keep on going hun, u're going to be such a breautiful bride!! (and yes, we all want to see the piccies!!!!!!)

Much love, chelle xx
Hi Mini & chelle, thank you soooo much for all your help and advice, it's SO appreciated.

I certainly will up my water especially as I found it so much easier drinking it when it's a bit warm!!!!

I certainly will be posting my wedding pics!!!

Thanks again
Gemx :D