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I'm struggling to drink enough, any ideas?

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i'm REALLY bad at drinking enough water, so on this diet i think thats going to be a major issue if i dont sort myself out now - i have a sports water bottle which i'm trying to keep with me and sip as often as possible but still, i dont think i'm drinking 2L a day.

Do teas and coffees count towards the water? I am guessing the water in the shakes doesnt count? Does anyone have tips for drinking more water in the day without feeling waterlogged because pouring out a whole glass of water sometimes, i struggle to drink it all without feeling yukky! :(
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What size is your sports bottle?


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i buy the 1ltr bottles of water with the sports cap on from asda.think 6 cost £1.98?.
i can quite happily go through 4 of these without really noticing.helps keep track on how much you've had too.
can refill with tap water and put in fridge too if you don't wanna keep buying them.
tea and coffee water is included in your extra water but not your shake water x
i was like you hun, before this diet i never drank any water at all, i started with 2 ltr and it did affect my weight loss unfortunately.. so iv tried really hard to up it and im on 3ltr+ a day now.. i just try and keep a bottle of water with me at all times, i prefer tap water because i feel bottled is slimey (i no this is in my head but it wont leave lol) so i fill up my sports bottles and keep them in the fridge.... the only advice is to try and up it a little each day until you reach 3ltr... but then again 2ltr might suit your body and the tea and coffee does go towards your water intake xxx happy drinking hun and good luck xx


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i too really struggle with water. i have a 1ltr bottle that i MAKE myself drink throughout the day i make my shakes up with 400ml of water so get 150ml extra per shake (almost 1/2 a litre added together) plus about 3 teas or coffee. So i get my 2 litres at least. i have found now that, i am filling my water bottle up a bit more, over time you get used to it :D
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I keep 4 (used to be 6 but I've lost 2! lol)bottles 500ml of water frozen over night. One in the fridge. As I drink one I let one melt and drink that. It's usually still mostly frozen too so I keep topping it up and sip away. When they're empty I refill and keep em rotating. That way I know I'm getting at least two and a half. Plus I make my shakes with more water than they say.
S: 13st13lb C: 11st0lb G: 9st4lb BMI: 27.3 Loss: 2st13lb(21.03%)
ahh, i definitely do make up my shakes with more than they say, especially when i make the strawberry one with ice. I think I will go buy the bigger sports bottle, mine is only 500ml. and i'll measure how much i drink in coffee and tea etc, perhaps i'm being too hard on myself. thanks for your reponses :) i love this forum!


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HI, i try and have 1 ltr before each shake - obviously not down in one - but I don't allow myself to have a shake before my ltr bottle is empty - then i have a top up after my last shake - i probably have about 3.5 ltrs - i also make my shakes with 450ml of water - so the extra counts too.

in addition, i have my own cubicle at work !! lol
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I have struggled with water too, I have tried refilling bottles, always having a glass on my desk, buying 2 litres bottles of water etc.

For me the bigger the bottle, the less I drink, I like a small bottle, and I seem to have 4-6 of these easily a day, along with maybe 6 or 7 cups of coffee!! (thats quite bad though i think! lol)

I have found the best way for me is to buy 500ml of water bottles in a 6 pack from tescos. I buy a mixture of still and sparkling, so that I don't get bored, and I kinda alternate between them.

In tescos you can get 6 bottles of water for £1.35 or something, I always think drinking sparkling water just feels like a treat, (i never liked sparkling water before TFR - so if you THINK you do not like sparkling water - then it would be worth while giving it a go - you could be in for a nice shock!)

I aim to have 3 or 4 bottles in work (2 still and 2 sparkling) and then 2 or 3 in the evening.

Try different things and see what works best for you! :)


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hope you find the tips above helpful as there is some great advice. You are allowed soda water also, just in case that is a favourite of yours but without the lemon slice of course. The sparkling water tip is good as it is a nice change and I didn't like it before this. Try not to have too much caffeine as it does you no good in the long run but if it's the only way you get extra fluid then better than nothing.
Wishing you all the best.
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All my ideas have already been mentioned but I would stress that if you aren't used to water then don't panic and try and drink a lot at once. Gradually increase how much you have each day. I could barely manage 2L when I started and hated sparkling water but now I easily have 3-4L, make my shakes with 450ml and love sparkling water! I have cut down on coffee but can see me upping that as the weather gets colder, and I make sure it is decaff.

Good luck.



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Just think that the amount of water you drink will affect your weight loss to motivate you into drinking more water. I have water with me ALL the time, never go anywhere without it, even popping to the shops (extreme I know lol). You will the longer you do this diet, get used to it, and it will just be like second nature drinking your water. You will also find your bowels and headaches are a lot less problematic, if not none existent if you drink the required amount. I also read somewhere, the water consumption helps with the bad breathe- not in my case though and I drink bucket loads throughout the day!!The advantages to drinking it is endless.

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