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im struggling

Gah! i feel like my head is going to explode. I am having such food cravings after i have eaten. I do not get this 'full signal' in my stomach that is suposed to happen after eating (even an hour after eating) and as soon as i have had something it sets of my chatter box demanding more food. I'm really concerned about portion sizes as i could easily eat more food than i am. I havent weighed or measured anything as so far i have gone for individual chicken and fish fillets and a small tub of cottage cheese each time i have that (as it mentions in the book).

Does anyone else struggle now back onto food?i know im only on day 4 but this is so much harder than abstinance ever was.

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Happily pro pointing!
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Hi Sil

Yes RTM is harder in a way, the boundaries have moved, we have new things to deal with and we need to learn new ways of dealing with them.
It does get easier, especially when you are allowed a more varied diet.
I have trouble fitting it all in now.
Last week I realised I wasn't having enough calories so have had to up it slightly this week.

Next week gets easier as you can snack on veg and low fat dressing and dips, jelly and yoghurt is a real life saver too. Then week 3 fruit which is lovely.

Your portions sound correct to me.

Are you eating plenty of salad with your protein too?
Are you eating slowly, putting your knife and fork down between each mouthful and savouring the food?
Are you really listening to your body? Are you really full but your chatterbox is saying, 'you have only had a little bit of chicken that isn't enough??'
You shouldn't be eating until you are too full, just until you are satisfied. After eating a portion of protein with salad you shouldn't actually be feeling hungry. You are maybe used to feeling stuffed after eating dinner in your old life and you need to learn to stop before you get that far.
Hi Sil,
I very rarely, if ever get a full feeling in my stomach and now I don't even look for it. I eat 90 - 120gm of meat or 120 - 140gm of fish which I weigh then freeze in individual portions. I make sure that I eat slowly (I'm a natural bolter, when it comes to food so this is a real challenge) and take a gulp of water between each mouth full. Gradually over the weeks, I'm learning what is enough for me but not because I'm getting an 'I'm full' sensation. I read an amazing book called 'Eating Less', which has really helped. I would definitely recommend it f you feel the LL counselling isn't addressing this. I think many of us who have been obese just don't catch those signals of fullness that others get and it has to be learned from scratch.
Hope you are feeling better about food soon. Take heart that we know what you're going through!
thanks for your replies. This is just so much harder than i had expected it to be.
It is definitely just my chatter box that is going mad and not hunger. I think i am just wanting more because i love the taste of food rather than that my body needs it. And because i have had a weight problem all my life i agree that my body is used to feeling 'stuffed' rather than 'not hungry' so lots of learning to happen there.
Linze, i too am like you. I have never eaten my food slowly and really struggle with this aspect to. I like your idea of having a mouthfull of water after every bite, i will try that tonight.

Thanks again for your great support


Deb G

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I use smaller plates and set myself times to eat and I plan how much I will eat. ONce I've eaten it, I don't eat anything else until at least an hour afterwards - by which time I'm generally not hungry anymore.


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Smaller plate thing definitely helps.

I serve my protein meal now on a tea plate, less than half the size of a normal dinner plate. I make sure I have everything just so, so I can sit and enjoy the eating slowly.

I cut off much tinier portions to chew than I ever did before. My one chicken breast protein meal with a few onions can take 15-20 minutes to eat and enjoy.

Deb G

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S: 13st10lb C: 13st7lb G: 9st0lb Loss: 0st3lb(1.56%)
Yeah - that's good advice Petey. I used to get a meal down me in less than 5 mins - but now it takes me about 20 mins - and I realy savour it. That's why I tend to hear my 'full' signal now - because I give my body chance to realise its full!!!
well im off to get weighed in 2 hours and absolutely petrified. I have found this week such a challenge but got through it with all of your help and support. I am definitely bloated as my clothes are feeling 'snug' but im not sure if that is because TOM is due soon or because of the food i have been eating. I still feel uncomfortable with food as the cravings are driving me crazy, however i am getting better at recognising when my stomach is full.
I will post again after my session and let you know how i got on (fingers crossed no gain please everyone)



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good luck sil ill be thinking of you :) xxxxx


Happily pro pointing!
S: 16st7lb C: 16st7lb G: 9st7lb BMI: 39.6 Loss: 0st0lb(0%)
SIL you will be totally fine.
If it is TOTM you could well be retaining water too so don't panic if you don't get a good loss this week.
You can't possibly have gained fat with the amounts you are eating.
Fingers crossed for you.

Janey B

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Good Luck Sil, but as Ali says you will be perfectly fine,.
Janey. xx
well i just got back. I have stayed the same weight. TBH i am completely happy with this as was so sure i had gained. I now have the confidence to eat food this week without freaking out and panicking.
Im just about to have my dinner of steamed salmon with a lovely big salad of mushrooms, mangetout, red pepper 3 spring onions and lettuce.
Yum Yum

thanks again everyone

Janey B

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S: 13st10.5lb C: 12st7lb G: 10st7lb BMI: 33.1 Loss: 1st3.5lb(9.09%)
ENJOY!!!!! You now have the confidence as you said to enjoy the food you are eating without GUILT!!! TOM will be the reason you have stayed the same, not what you've eaten. The meal you ar about to have sounds delicious, i do love salmon, mmmn. Janey. xx
That's fantastic! I know how you feel. Every week I get on those scales with such a feeling of trepidation. This week I am having a freak out about putting on weight as I'm convinced I have a muffin top over this pair of jeans I'm using as a barometer. It's tiny but it's there. I'm cross at myself for drinking two and a half glasses of wine on Saturday night, although my sensible side is saying that drinking wine is fine and I gave myself permission at the time. The other side of me thinks it is better to be wary of these things that were triggers a long time ago. Argh! When will it get easier?
Have you done any work on colour energies in your group? That's given me a real insight into myself and my thoughts and feelings around food. Ask your LLC about it if you haven't as it's one of their counselling techniques that they've been trained in.

Deb G

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S: 13st10lb C: 13st7lb G: 9st0lb Loss: 0st3lb(1.56%)
Remember as well, that your body will try to store food the first few weeks in case its going to be 'starved' again. Once your body realises that food is coming back to stay, it will be happier about burning it off, rather than hanging onto it.

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