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I'm stuck and need to lose weight by the 06th May

I am feeling really bad tonight, I just can't seem to stay focussed and get past the first day!!!

I keep giving in to temptation, I seriously need to lose weight for the 06th May only about 11 days...

someone please please help....

I have managed to do the programme before but am finding it difficult this time...

I hate chocolate / Cake they have taken over my life....

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Sorry you're finding it hard Sonia.
What's happening on 6th May? Putting that close a deadline on yourself isn't going to help you at all, I would think you are feeling overly stressed due to it and that's not going to help you at all!

Things to help;
throw out all the food you have in your house (if possible) or at least throw out all the foods that temp you

keep busy busy busy, even it is remedial work such as cleaning, it'll keep your mind off food

put a picture of yourself on the kitchen door, then every time you go to snack you'll see a reminder of why you want to lose weight

I'd ease up on that "11 day" deadline TBH - losing weight and keeping it off is marathon not a sprint, you can't "be done" in 11 days unless the only goal is to drop a few un-noticable pounds for a night out.

Sorry if that sounds harsh but it's meant in a tough-love kind of way!

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X Factor I bet!!!!!! Just get back on track and take each day as it comes and if it is for your audition just do your makeup and hair really well and smile lots :0) If you get through, you'll have a few more rounds to go and will have time to lose the weight as you go. Sorry if I'm totally wrong about the audition by the way.

Good luck hun xxx


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Sorry, I may be harsh here, but I don't think you are in the right frame of mind for this at all. You have to want to change you life for the better on your own over a period of time.

There is help on this forum, more than enough help, but no one is going to jump out of the monitor screen and lose the weight for you, you have to want to do it 110%. Accept what is going to happen to your body and just get on with it!
I guess i need to take a step back and find out what i really want!!! I've done the programme before at ease.... my crooked thinking is bad at the moment... I hope some thing will flick the switch or even make the penny drop................................................
Starting at 2.15 pm - Sunday.... 26/04/09
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Goal 1 - Make it the to thursday 7th May (Team Meeting last time they saw me 12 weeks ago and i was slim....oooooops!!!

Goal 2 - 4 + 1 weeks meeting 13th June very important meeting......

Goal 3 - Loss weight and keep it off forever!!!!!

I deserve to be slim!!!
I deserve to be slim!!!
I deserve to be slim!!!
I deserve to be slim!!!
I deserve to be slim!!!
Foxtrot you are so right.
Sonia - no meeting is that important.
This has to be for you, not other people or it won't work.
It doesn't matter what other people think. it's how you feel inside about yorself that matters, the rest follows on automatically.
Good luck with it - it just takes how long it takes, putting a timescale on it just adds more pressure.:copon:

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