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I'm such a quitter

Hi all

for the "billionth' time, I declared I was going to get fit and healthy, do exercise, etc etc. I signed up on here, all enthusiastic, put my weight-loss ticker on Facebook (hoping that making it public would force me)...

...but here I am today, having eaten what feels like my bodyweight in toast.

I am such a quitter - I irritate myself, can't imagine what my poor husband must feel like!

I'm a really lucky lady, with a nice house we rent, and a job, and my health... and many other things I have to be thankful for, but I still let work get the better of me, and when get frustrated with something, I just give up. I can't seem to break that habit.

I honestly have run out of ideas. I've bought books, gone to Slimming World, tried to get together with friends to motivate each other, moaned to my husband (who always supports me) but it comes back to the same old fact that I am a quitter - I'm lazy. This is hard work, and I can't seem to be bothered.

And I feel so ashamed when I look on this website and see how well so many people have done.

I just need to get started, and turn it into a habit so it doesn't feel like such a big deal

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Princess is right.

Tomorrow is a new day and you can do it.

If I can anyone can. I am a very fussy eater and have always loved my crisp, sandwiches and chocolate but within a few days of starting my diet I didn't miss these foods like I thought I would.

I do get my chocolate treats, (they are supplied with the diet, Go Lower) and I am allowed a treat every other day but some days I don't eat it.

Just keep remembering why you want to lose weight and you wil get motivated.


Ugly duckling going Swan.
Don't panic. No one ever gets through a plan without having at least one day where you binge. It's doesn't mean you have to quit and start again. Draw a line under it and continue has you have done on the plan straight away rather than quit and start the next week.

Also look at what triggered you off. Did you have a bad day? Did someone upset you? Think back to what happened to set you off and say "Right, that set me off now what can I do in the future to prevent it?". The trick is to break the cycle somehow. Grab fruit instead or replace the binging with something physical.

I would reccomend buying one of Lee Janoglys books. The first one Stop Binging will suit. She is a very humourous writer so at least you'll have a good laugh! As you seem from your post to have issue with emotional eating, you may want to consider her plan. Google her, she has two books, a CD, and a website.


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hiya alexis

i was just reading your post and you sound soooo much like me i've tried Lipotrim and Avidlite to no avail as i can't stomach the shakes, i just love food i just love it way way to much, i did lose 2 and half stone just over 2 years ago then found out i was pregnant with my 3rd child, after my pregnancy i gained it all back even tho i ate really sensibly throughout, so now i'm back at square 1 with nearly 4 stone in tow and having just had my 4th child (he's 16 weeks old now) i recently joined weight watchers online but havn't managed a full week on it yet and it's so depressing, i have a busy weekend away but as soon as i get back i'm holding up my thumb and hitching a lift on the wagonand this time i'm not gonna fall off it!

So for you today is another day so chin up luv, keep smiling and off you go..... let us know how day 1 goes.

kelly x
i am a quiter and i see a pattern every year, as in join gym, goin ww, do this diet, do that diet, well it has to stop and i have to cop on :( All I do is sit around moaning and thats IT time to stop for me :(

We can do it :D
honey, if it was easy no one would be overweight, we all find it hard going sometimes, the worst thing is you come on here and read posts from people who are in the right frame of mind and all really doing well, where as alot of people who are having a hard time do not post so you feel that everyone is doing well and only you are failing but it is not the case. stick with it as others have said draw a line under and start anew.
So true, i have been reading peoples posts here and they are all doing SOOOO well, im like? why cant i do it and people losing 2 and 3 stone and i cant even lose a pound lol im obviously not pushing myself as hard as i should
hey Sunshine :)
Don't beat yourself up, honest. I lost 4 stone, then put 1 1/2 back on, then I've kinda dithered about that point for nearly a year... Not everyone loses 2lb+ a week constantly :) Trust me!

What I did most recently, was promise myself that I would allow it 4 weeks. Give myself a full month sticking rigidly to my plan. Hell, it was christmas OVER a month ago, time flies, and I have barely noticed a month pass - so one little month will be easy! :)
I'm about 2 weeks into it now, and still focussed, and yes, it is hard to force yourself to get into the right frame of mind, but you can do it if you want to!

What are your food temptations? Mine is pizza, I looove my pizza... not to mention curry, chinese, chocolate, cake, icecream... lol. But we'll deal with the pizza for now. I'm on WW and instead of having a chicago town Better Than Takeaway pizza, which works out at about...38 points I think? Cos I would eat the whole thing over an evening... I now have a Pizza Express Sloppy Giuseppe one from Tescos, which is a smaller pizza, yes, but more than enough. And 12 points for the whole thing!

If you can decide where your troubles will be, we can work round that. Substitutions!

Have you found a plan that appeals yet? Unfortunately, there doesn't seem to be an all-chocolate+cake+wine+pizza one... :p !!
heya :D i think ill do W Watchers again because you can eat your fav food once you keep your points.

My downfall has to be (only in the past 2 months) choc chip muffin in the morn, obviously emotional eating, because im not a morning person so i feel sorry for myself and get that the min i go by my coffee shop :(. I have the porridge ready for the morning so thats going to be hard.

I had that problem with scones and I stopped that and didnt miss them so I can do it again. I thought i would miss the scones and I didnt.

I dont really like pizza thank god. Huge points in them but I like indian :eek: huge points in that lol. Chocolate is my down fall also. Love it.

Fair play to you, you did really well losing 4 stone, i need to lose 4 stone. I think ill do it a month at a time, that sounds like a good plan. thanks for your advice :D
No problem at all!

Muffins :) Good call, tasty things!! I think they might be about 10 points a pop though.. Not so good...
My best chocolate type cakey type thing would be a WW Belgian Chocolate Slice. They are 2 points, and go down beautifully with a cuppa!! :D

I'm still working on the low-point indian to be honest..! There are quite a few ready meals, that are low in points, but it's not as fun as making it!

Keep smiling, it'll be an ace week!
thanks Jen, i must try out the belgium choc, i have read a few people like them. Thats a great idea tho, i could eat one of them in the morning if i felt sorry for myself lol going to go to the shop and get a packet. Yea i was saying the muffin must be 8 - 10 points :( have to stop eating them now
I know how it feels, about 5 years ago I lost about 3 stone and became quite thin, but I never realised it until recently. I have now put it all back on plus about another 3 stone!! I dont have kids or family problems etc to blame just myself and being with someone who was not good for me at all!!!
I have been 'trying' for years now to loose some weight and kept kidding myself that one day I would wake up thin! Yeah fat chance of that lol. I found that if I went clothes shopping or even thought about clothes it made me so depressed and so I went to the pound shop and stocked up on chocolate only to eat it all in one go!

When I saw some pictures of me taken last year at christmas time I saw how big I had let myself get and I decided that im no longer going to 'diet' im going to change the way I think and look at food.

I started a month ago now and its been really really hard, my first 2 weeks I lost 7lb but the 3rd I put 3lb back on and today I managed to loose the 3lb again.
I have reeeeally had to control my cravings and in the end this week I gave chocolate up and had a small bar on friday night as a treat.

But it is soooo hard to keep to it isnt it???? Why is it that some of us can eat loads and be so thin when others only have to look at that chocolate cake and bam! its added 5lb onto me!!! Grrrrr!!!

Im finding this site helpfull and when I am down I come on here and read peoples posts to 'spur' me on. Im trying to look at this as a change for life now and not just a diet. Im also taking green tea tablets from Holland and Barrots and I actually feel less hungry!! Also a glass of water before I eat is helping me to eat less too.

If you have a bad day, because we all do, then like everone says, draw a line under it and move onwards and upwards! Its not easy but we are all here to help and encourage and thats why I find myself on here to stop me eating all night!! lol
Hope everyone gets on well with their plans. Has anyone joined the Feb weight loss challenege? I did the jan one and found it very helpfull :)
Lil Miss sunshine and Kelly 22

take each day at a time and should you have one bad day then pick yourself up the next day and carry on.

I have done so many diets over the years and always gave up because I fell of the wagon but now I am sticking to it.

I also thought one day it will all fall of me but now I know if I don't stick to my diet I will not lose weight!

I am lucky that I don't have to work out points etc as my food is supplied and to me that is half my battle.

Plan ahead as much as you can when you are shopping, or even better shop online and then hopefully you won't be tempted.

Try not to carry any cash on you for that muffin as a way to break the habit, and I used to think by having blueberry instead of choc chip it was healthier for me........ the lies we tell ourselves.
Hi, am so glad that I have read this post! I feel exactly the same! I get so downhearted if I have one slip up and I should just, as has been said, put a line under it and carry on!

As for the curry cravings, try Anjum Anand's cook books. They are brilliant,one is "healthier" curries for everyday, can't remember exact title! We have homemade curry 3 or 4 times a week, just a little oil (which you could substitute) at start, onions, spices, meat (no visible fat/skin) and low fat yoghurt to make creamy. Only 2 downsides, you need a cupboard full of spices and portion control!!!!

Good luck Lil Miss Sunshine, you will get there, I only hope I do!!!:cross:
You will get there, it is just a case of sticking to it as much as you can and ignoring the bad days!

I am in such a better frame of mind than I have been in the past. I know a lot of that has to do with the fact I can phone my personal consultant if I need to, but also this website is a great help too.
i think for me to get anyway motivated is to get off my bum and exercise. I was only ever motivated when at the gym. Its so hard to get to it tho. Torture actually. Friend gave me a loan of her Davina DVD workout so I think ill get a move on with that this weekend.

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