I'm thinking of starting ... any advice


Hi, my name is Julia and i'm thinking of starting the Cambridge diet. I've got about 9 stone to lose and am fed up of loosing half a pound at weightwatchers every week! Was hoping some of you might give me some reasons to do Cambridge. I have a couple of worries, the main one being how the diet wold effect my job as a primary school teacher! Will i be constantly rushing to the loo all day and feel sick and tired?
Please let me know your thoughts and if someone starting would like to be my cambridge buddy, that would be great! x
Hi juju and welcome! :D

Ok reasons for starting cambridge
Your weight loss will be much better compared to other diets. You will feel healthy, energetic and better about yourself, usually after the first few days!! I did

The diet shouldnt effect your job, you will just need to take a pack to work with your for lucnh, the bars or tetras are great to take to work etc. So you dont have to blend packets.
You will be going to the loo more as you will be drinking loads of water. However you could try to limit your intake through the day and drink more at night?
You shouldnt feel sick and tired at all.
Ive been on cd for 5 weeks and havent felt better :)

Good luck on your journey. We are all in the same boat here, so pop in often xxx
I began in Feb on CD with over 10 st to lose and so far have nearly lost 5 st but others have lost much quicker than I have. There are a few teachers on this site and they seem to have managed. The trips to the looo do wear off and it is only the first few days where you are going every few minutes. Is it your half term soon? It might be worth starting then. So by the time you are back at school the water works will have settled down,

There is a thread for October starters for you to look at and also have a look at the wemitts thread - we mean it this time especially for people like you and me who have a lot of weight to lose. Good luck i have never regretted starting this diet and it definately works
Irene xx
When I first decided to go on this diet, I was worried that I wouldn't last past the first few days but it really isn't that bad. Half term week would be a great time to start. I have been on it for 2 1/2 weeks and I have lost nearly a stone already and I had a TOTM week as well. I can't recommend this diet enough. Myself, like you, am fed up with only loosing 1/2 pound on WW or SW and putting it back on again the next week even though I knew I hadn't cheated.

This diet also takes away having to think about food. What do I have for breakfast, lunch, dinner and am I eating too much etc. You won't have to think about that at all.

I found that my toilet visits slowed after about a week unless I drink 2 litres in one go!!

Good luck in whatever you decide to do and please come on here often, we all support each other and it's great.
Thanks for the support

I think i've pretty much made my mind up to start, all the positive feedback from this site has really convinced me. Have emailed some cambridge reps so waiting for their reply, just hope it will be quick so i can get started!
Meanwhile ... can anyone help me to set up a ticker ... i've done one and then it said the file is invalid! Madness!

I think finally my ticker works, many thanks to coley who was a star and sent me the details.... here goes!
Hi Julia
I started CAmbridge at the end of March and like you I had 9st to lose. I've got a couple of stones left to go and all I can say it' go for it!'!

I was studying as a mature student at college when I started and I was a bit worried that I wouldn't be able to concentrate on so few calories but I was more alert than ever: once you're in ketosis then the sky's the limit! :)

I passed all my subjects with flying colours and am now at university so have no fear about being able to cope - you'll do just great on it!

Below is a link to my photobox so you can see what six months on CD looks like :D
Wow! You look amazing, inspirational people like you are going to make me do this! Just spoke to my CDC and i go and get my packs on Monday! So Tuesday is the start!!! Thank youso much for the support, and Chichester is where i grew up, lovely city....you'll havea fab time.
Good luck juju doll!

My main advice is to cut down on stuff now because this will help you enter ketosis quicker. I did this and felt more in contol as well, it avoids the 'last supper' mentality of bingeing before starting, which ultimately will make you feel worse.

The other advice is get involved here. I haven't been here long but people are soooo nice and supportive, and that really makes you feel less alone in following the plan.
Oh!!! BTW I come from a family of Primary School Teachers....my mum has just started on Cambridge and is doing fine! I am at Uni and I have been doing this for....gawd knows how long now but it really isn't a problem. :) Good luck!!
GOOD LUCK on the start of your CD journey juju, you really won't regret it. CD is by far the best diet I've ever done, and believe me I'd tried just about every other one out there over the last 40yrs!!!!

I started in Feb and have lost 7stone - the results are FANTASTIC and you'll feel sooo good about yourself as you see those lbs melt away.

Here's my photobox link for you to look at http://www.photobox.co.uk/album/4217913 also, take a look at the Inspirational Photo's thread - think you'll be blown away by how well so many peeps have done :D
Excellent Juju, you have taken a big step in deciding to do this, after the first few days you will be soaring, this is truly the best diet I have ever done x