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im very bad...

well today i went out with the family to clarks village everything was going fine till.. i got home and ate a bit of pizza and garlic bread :break_diet:i just needed it i felt really emotional and hungry im so disappointed in myself dont think i can do this diet anymore but gonna try my hardest till weigh day:booboo:
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Dont give up!!!

Think about the weight you want to loose, think about how you will feel when you need it!!

Come on, chin up! You can do it! I am not saying its easy, coz anything worth doing is never easy, but its totally worth it!

Laura x x x


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hun you lost 12.5 lbs in one week!! you CAN do this diet, you proved that last week! just forget about the garlic bread and pizza and start tomorrow afresh - it's a new day. remember how disappointed u feel in yourself next time u want to eat.

i've had a few slip ups hun and you just have to get past them and keep going - carry on the week as normal and you might surprise yourself with a loss this week xxx
your right im going to get up in the morning and start fresh hopefully i will have a bit of a loss this week :innocent0001: its great having support from you lot it keeps me going thank you so much :grouphugg:
arr hugs hun come on we all no you can do it how can you say you cant do this diet when you have done over a week and had one bloody great weight lose come on hun this diet wont last long if you stay strong and keep at it, it is forever but remember how you will fill when you are the size you wanna be and HAPPY and pleased with yaself you suceeded!!


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looking at ur ticker u have 85.5lbs to lose [converted the kgs to lbs!] to get to goal

average weight loss on LT is 3-4lbs a week soo

3lb a week loss = target met in 28.5 weeks [13th of March 09]
4lb a week loss = target met in 21.25 weeks [21st of Jan 09]

wow looking at the 4lb a week estimate - it looks like you could only have one more stone to lose by xmas this year!!!!

let that sink in - remember how bad u felt after eating - and dont do it again!!!!

muchos hugsss hope this helps :D


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Come on Gemz! Keep going, you and me started out at almost the same weight, so I know how daunting it is, but YOU CAN DO IT! Drink LOADS of water today and you'll get a nice surprise on WI day. xx
I've had a few slip ups, and some deliberately planned deviations from the almighty LT route, but I didnt feel bad, I didnt feel ill, and it didnt stop my weight-loss. Not recommended, because once you say yes the first time, it's harder not to say yes a second and third and forth etc etc. But it's what ever works for you.

LT is an excellent diet with guaranteed results. Its like anything in life, you will get out of it what you put into it, and you get nothing for free. Work hard and you will succeed, what ever works for you to get you to your end goal.

Must admit, I have become a bit of an LT bore in recent weeks. Preaching to all and sundry about the amazing results, how healthy I feel, how much more energy and focus I have. At least 4 other people I know have now started LT. Must start claiming commission from my pharm! Lol.

As fellow LT'ers do you find yourself spotting the fellow overweight amongst us out and about, and find yourself wanting to go over and whisper LipoTrim in their ear?? Bad I know, but I think it!!


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Well Gemz,you little rascal! Put it behind you and forget about it,we are all here and will whip your ass if you do it again (only joking!),come on here and it will distract you x
I hope you don't mind me posting here as I am on Cambridge. All I want to say is don't beat yourself up for eating. You cheated but today is another day and you can start again. The minute you start cheating and feeling guilty you will soon develop a bad relationship with food and you will associate food with guilt and it shouldn't be like that. Tell yourself that you are on this diet by choice and that food is not in control but you are. You will eat what you want to eat and when you want to eat but for now tell the food that is not welcome in your mouth.You will decide when you want to eat and don't let the food decide for you. I hope this makes sense.

Much love

so today is going to be a good day i do feel better now i have eaten some food but not going to today im just gonna stick to drinking loads of water and i have soup so it will feel like im eating when my family are eating :) im feeling positive today :D thank you so much for all the support i really needed it :character00148:


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That's the spirit gemz!

Today is a different day and you will succeed as long as you stay positive! xxx
Ah Gemz, you aren't the first and you won't be the last to have a blip. It is only a blip and using the fact you feel so bad at the moment to give you more strength to continue with LT you will be fine. A lesser person would have used the situation as an excuse to binge and give up the diet. You have proved you are a strong person and can overcome it.

You sound very positive today and I'm sure that will help you with your journey. This isn't an easy diet but if you continue to stick to it you will be very happy with the rewards and will reach your goal before you know it (and defo before you would on any other diet!)

I started my journey much heavier than you and I was only going to do it for 8 weeks, this got me through the first week, then I found this forum and it has really helped to keep me on track. For the first time in years I am on the verge of no longer being obese and I am so excited. I feel so much better these days and my skin and nails have never looked better.

You can do this. You must believe in yourself - we do - and remember, the only person you hurt when you eat is you! (and your purse coz why spend all that money to waste it!0

Good luck babe, I hope you made it through today, and fingers crossed for your next WI.

:party0049: how good am i, so today was another family day out went around town then went cinema to see the dark knight which was amazing, then went to old orleans restaurant today and had nothing just water :cool:
Well done missy :D
well peps i have quit LT as of today:wave_cry:
i just missed food so much but going to eat sensible and go to the gym.

i wish you all the best of luck i will still come on and keep you up to date with my losses. thank you all so much for the great support. :thankyou:
Good luck hun.


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