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I'm Worried :(


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Some of you may know that i had my implant changed on monday but i am now worried that i am not going to lose any weight this week or worse still put on!

It has eased my totm, although it is still there and the implant is associated with weight gain - but surely being on tfr 100% cant cause me to gain within a week?

Im quite worried about this - anyone got any advice?

I'd be really happy with just 1.5lbs this week which would see me having lost a total of 6st but im just worried that this implant change is going to mess me up :(

I'm fighting the will to jump on my home scales .............. :mad: lol
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I think 'they' say that things like the implant/pill etc make you gain weight is because the hormone upset at first can make some women eat more (whether they're aware of it or not?) or retain fluid. Seeing as you're on TFR, I can't see the 'food' reason causing you any problems, but if you don't lose as much, it could be just a fluid imbalance as it settles down? I can't see there being too much upset, especially as you're just replacing it, not getting it for the first time iykwim?
You'll be fine Summer- that 6st is within your grasp!!!


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oh i hope so irish - iv my fingers crossed for ust 1.5lbs - i think i might be panicking over nothing here cuz im so close to finishing!

Lily - i had the contraceptive implant changed (implanon).


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i have the injection, and apparently it is the only one that is proven to make you gain weight, not because of hormones but because it makes you feel more hungry than usual.

im so suprised ive lasted a week on LT, injection making me hungry and workin in a chippy ahhh willpower!


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Ah really tegz - i didnt know that!!! but oh my you have done amazing!! Injection and working in a chippy on your first week - bloody well done!! :D

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