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Image Therapy - what do you expect from it?


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As the thread title says really!

I've seen a lot of threads recently saying IT is boring, lacking in motivation, consists only of going round the group, clap clap, etc etc and I just wondered what people expect?

If you read on the SW website it tells you that IT is an individual and group experience. It's time to celebrate your losses, talk about your gains and ask for any help and support you need. It's also time to share any hints and tips you have with the group.

SW classes are quite different from other groups and do take some getting used to but it's as much about the group as the consultant.

So, what is it that people want?

Personally I absolutely love IT. If I didn't I wouldn't go to group every week. I like to see how people are doing, I like to support those who are struggling and congratulate those who are doing well. I wouldnt' change it for the world!!!
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I enjoy my I.T but i also think it depends on how large the group is and how 'involved' the members are!

We normally have roughly 15 members stay for I.T (not a HUGE group) and sometimes it does get a bit tedious with the clap clap 'do you have a goal for this week?', 'what was good/bad' etc etc!

However, last week only 3 people stayed and it was lovely. had a chance to have a proper discussion about our weeks, shared more ideas, nice recipies.

Overall I dont really expect anything else from group other than maybe more emphasis on different recipies, new products, ideas, bodymagic (which has NEVER been mentioned at our group) taster nights, rather than a quick whip round everyone clap clap out you go kind of thing!

Hope that makes sense! x

Devon Dolce

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Great post!

I love my group and I love IT - we have such a laugh and all celebrate and commiserate each others losses and gains! I really do look forward to it each Thursday (only an hour to go for tonight's).

I guess you get out what you put in! I always like to help the newbies out with recipes ideas, have a good 'ole catch-up and generally hear what other peeps do etc.

Sadly, if you read some other threads about IT and 'cliques' I guess I would be in one - I don't think I am, I just sit with like-minded lovelies each week and have a laugh, we always make new peeps feel welcome, we've all been there xxx


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that is what mine is, but im happy with it :) i think it helps to know how other people are doing. plus to give out slimmer of the week and we have a raffle too with the tea and coffee money lol


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Me to DD, I posted recently when someone said it was full of cliques that if you came to my group and saw me, you would think I was in a clique!! Like you, I just sit with my friends, some young, some old, some new, some long term members. Not a clique but may look like one!!!

Devon Dolce

1lb at a time!
Me to DD, I posted recently when someone said it was full of cliques that if you came to my group and saw me, you would think I was in a clique!! Like you, I just sit with my friends, some young, some old, some new, some long term members. Not a clique but may look like one!!!
Hey hun, I saw that post and your reply and couldn't word my reply right without it coming across wrong - so I left that one!! xxx


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I was put off SW last time as the I.T at our group was too big - sometimes as many as 30-40 peeps which was either way too quick for each one or was a 2 hour marathon! It was also at 6.30pm (weigh in at 6pm) and was simply the wrong time of night for me with young children and bedtimes - clearly the same problem for other Mums as they brought their children with them and it got quite noisy and off putting. A teacher friend of mine used to go and couldn't face seeing loads from her school there each week and talking about her weight in front of them so she gave up too.

I didn't enjoy it very much tbh - loved hearing others ideas and issues etc and recognising the losses. I totally 'get' the idea behind it. Just my group wasn't for me.

Thats my main reason (apart from cost atm) that I'm going it alone :) xx


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I sit with various people, it depends upon who's there on the day.
Our IT is great - we discuss with the C what we might do with this week's password, so say the password this week was 'bread' (its not) we'd sit around for a while discussing the pros and cons of bread, what we do with our healthy extra B choice, etc etc. Then we move on to bargains, has anyone seen any bargains in the shops that might help other members...also what have people been eating this week that they might like to share with others, swapping info and stuff. Then the C gives out any awards and then we move on to the maintains, gains and losses and either discuss stuff openly if the person is up for it or just move on, we're asked if we're expecting any issues during the week or not and get advice on how to deal with them if we do. The IT ends with Slimmer of the week/month award and the raffle.
I've been getting a lot of support from the group recently and have learnt who are the supportive ones and who are just there for themselves...


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I absolutely love IT.
I am not huge bosom buddies with anyone but have made lots of casual friends and it plays a huge part of my life.
well as some of you know i changed from a lunchtime class to a monday night class and love my new group. I have been asked to join the social team to help out with weighing etc. Its funny tho you can always tell if we have hada lot of gains as not too many stay :)
We had a great time tonight. I hadn't been able to stay to class for a few weeks, so I didn't know that it was a recipe night until I saw a table full of food!

Someone had brought in the most beautiful wedding album I have ever seen and some of us were looking at that, there was lots of chat going on, we had two nice new members who had good losses in their first week, we were all trying the food and swapping recipes. I had a bit of catching up to do with a few people I hadn't seen for a while.
At our group, there are usually around 20-25 people who stay for IT, and it's always a good laugh! Some weeks, the talk is more motivational than others, but, to be honest, I get plenty of hints and motivation from here, and I really enjoy the 'craic' at the meetings.

I joined on my own and didn't know anyone in the group, but people always chat to you and I was made to feel very welcome very quickly. My C is always open to suggestions for topics for IT, and, by and large, most people are very chatty and contribute.
I love staying for my IT, I've only ever missed it once. I love congratulating my new friends, comisserating if they've gained, getting the praise myself (nothing like a boost to keep you motivated!:D) and passing on tips for recepes, syns etc. My Consultant is very friendly and encouraging, and the whole IT makes me feel that I CAN do it!

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