Imagine you are at the bottom of a well


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The first days of LT are difficult. I'm on day three now after my holiday and a break from it.

This is one of my "visions" I had this morning. It's helping me, so I want to share it with you and I hope it helps.

The first days are rather dark going into ketosis - rather like being at the bottom of a well. Imagine that if you drink water from the well and ignore the temptations that have been put there to stop you going into ketosis, someone at the top of the well will pull you up a few feet towards the light.

You know that it may take 3 or 4 days to be hauled out of the well and into the light. The light represents ketosis and the comfort zone and the feel good factor that you will feel if you can just ignore any temptation and get to the top.

If you delay going into ketosis by not following the rules, you're going to stay in the dark for longer. You will delay reaching the light.

Today on day 3, these are the thoughts that are getting me through. It isn't any easier for me than it was the first time, only in one respect. I enjoy the milkshakes now.

So I'm still in the well, but I'm near the top and I'm not going to do anything to delay getting out of this dark place.

I've told myself that my home is a well at the moment. There may be other foods in the house, but there is LT and water for me. Water is the only thing that I may draw on from my well. (I do have a cuppa too.)

So, I'll tell you when I reach the top and I'm hauled out.

I'd be daft to stay in there for longer than I need to.

Marylyn with regards & love xxx

I hope it helps others who are battling.

I know I can do it again, but first time around I didn't know when the misery of it would end.
I hope it looks o.k.

The tortoise is illustrating how slow it will take to lose the last 21 lbs.

I hope it wont be too long, but it would take a longer time if I wasn't on Lipotrim.

I was just thinking, I've never had a box of chocolates for Christmas from my husband, because "they'd be bad for your figure". I agree, but I'm having some this year. Lily O'Briens Irish chocolates. Roll on December.
Hi Pam Anne-Marie

Thanks for your p.msgs and I really appreciate the compliment Pam.

I'm back in ketosis now so it was only 5 days of hunger.

I'm going to post a thread now to get you gals focused for your journey into ketosis.
Lol I love resurrecting old thread this one is a really good analogy
I know!! I really like it its on like the last page of the whole forum lol