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impatient's food diary

After a very disapointing WI, I was advised by some lovely forum members to start a Food diary.

I now realise what a great idea that is as all last week, while I stayed well within my daily pp and never used my weeklies or APs, I was always relying on the same kind of foods.

At the moment, I work from home. So every time I felt hungry, I'd grab some food from the cupboard or fridge which resulted in a diet relying mainly on Ryvita and pitta bread with various toppings:eek:. Everything was pointed rigourously but it was always the same kind of food.

So from now on, I will try to plan the evening before, what I will eat the next day. And I just realised that it is much more complicated than I'd imagined:eek:.

My purpose is to have a diet that don't rely too much on bread and is as varied as possible (and of course, that helps me lose 3 stones as efficiently as possible:D).

Don't hesitate to correct, criticize or make suggestions (I love every kind of food apart from cucumber).

And thank you to those who persuaded me to start this diary.
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HERE I AM!!! Ready to follow :D Good luck chuck xxx
My plan for tomorrow:


Porridge (40g oat + water) = 4pp
Banana+ apple


Vegetable soup (1 potato 50g,
onion, carrot, cauliflower, pepper
stock cube) = 3pp
100 g lamb liver sauteed in balsamic
vinegar, with onion = 3pp
100g boiled potato = 2pp
steamed broccoli

Evening meal:

Miso soup (1pp) with half a chicken breast (2pp) spring onion and rice (6pp)= 9 pp
1 activia no fat = 2pp

That is so much food but I can only count 23 pp:confused:! Did I make a mistake somewhere?
If not I might use some of those points for 1 or 2 ryvitas with cream cheese and tomato (so as not to abandon completely my beloved ryvitas too fast)?

Exercise planned for tomorrow: fast 4 miles walk up and down a hill.
I am definitely not to good at planning:eek:. I was very proud that I had sticked to my planned meals, I even thought about boiling the potatos and rice while eating breakfast, until this evening when I realised I had forgotten to defrost the chicken breast I was supposed to use in my miso soup:rolleyes:. I ended up having 1 egg with beetroot instead.

On the plus side, it seems that having 3 planned meals left me much more satisfied than snacking all day long:).

The plan for tomorrow:


Porridge (40g with water) = 4pp
banana + pear


Tuna rice salad:
Tuna (56g tin) = 2pp
Rice = 6pp
Tomato + onion
Dressing = 1pp
Activia fat free = 2pp

Evening meal :

Vegetable soup = 3pp
Stir fried chicken:
Half chicken breast = 2 pp
soy sauce = 1 pp
1 nest of brown pasta = 5 pp
side salad no dressing

Total = 26 pp

3pp left for snack

Not sure yet if exercise will be a 5k run or only a stroll on the beach (my legs felt tired tonight and maybe I should give them a day rest)
Yay! Glad the 3 meals is helping xx
Thanks for the welcome and the encouragement Jem:)

Yay! Glad the 3 meals is helping xx
Hi Carly, I thought I would be the only person still awake and posting:p.

3 meals definitely help and make me feel like a civilized person:D. Today I even managed to eat exactly what I had planned and I have already prepared my lunch for tomorrow:cool:. I don't recognize myself anymore:eek:.

Tomorrow's plan:


40 g porridge + water 4pp
1 banana and 1 pear


Lentil salad :
75 g dried puy lentils 6pp

Fat free activia 2pp

Evening meal:

Miso soup with chicken and scallion 3pp
Omelette with veg (2 large eggs) 6pp
oil (for omelette) 2pp
100g potatos 2pp
side salad, no dressing

Total: 25 pp

4 pp left for snacks

Activity: 5 k (about 30 min) run


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well done for planning hun...I try to but never really stick to it ..must try harder lol x


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Well done for managing to stick to plan! I can never plan because I know if I do I won't eat what I've planned like last night ended up having warby wrap and chips cus I didn't fancy baked potatoes that I had planned! It's great if you can do it though must make it easier to track etc x
All looking very good! Hope ur enjoying it xx

I am not sure it is wise for me to post on this forum as my computer broke down the 2 last times I did so:eek::D... but I just couldn't resist showing off my newly made ticker as it says that I am now leaving the "overweight" section of the BMI to enter the "healthy" one:):).

I have been looking forward for that BMI number to go under 25 since the begining and it looked like such a distant possibility when I started WW at the beginning of July:):).

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