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In for the long haul........

Hello all

Well, where do I start!!! I'm a newbie and am ready to lose that weight and boy is there a lot of the weight to lose.

I've tried soooo many times in the past to lose weight and last anything from a few days to a few weeks, manage to get rid of some but then give up and like many put twice as much back on again. Now I feel different, I really need to shift this excess weight, I feel tired all the time, uncomfortable and more and more self conscious, its getting to the stage that I don't want to go out and I don't want to live my life like that anymore :cry:

So, I started Friday and so far so good - although I now fear that I'm not eating enough and have read that that may cause the opposite of what im trying to achieve. I'm eating lots of fruit and veg, normally have soup for lunch and a decent healthy meal for tea - is that ok? I do feel hungry but have been putting that down to my body being used to my previous eating habits and I have been drinking lots of water.

I'm really pleased I've found this forum and hope that it gives me that little bit of motivation and encouragement that I sometimes lack. I have tried ww and sw and those havent worked, I really wanted to try one of the VLCD's however I'm a student and unfortunately the budget wont stretch to these.

So thats me, thats where I am & I'm very much hoping that you will help me on this very scary journey :eek:

Love and Best Wishes to All
Shelley x x

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Ro Laren

7st 11lbs down ...
Hello and :welcome2:Shelley to WeMITTS! You seem aware of healthy eating, so as long as you are eating enough nutrients, protein, good carbs, vitamins and minerals you should be fine.

What are you studying?
Hi, this is another reason I want to lose the weight - I'm a student nurse and should really practice what I preach :eek: !!

S x
Hi Shelley
There's a website called Foodfocus where you can register for free and find out what your optimum calorie intake is for someone your weight. It might be a useful indicator.
Good luck with your weight loss and with your studies (I graduated last year and I know how hard it is to combine the two!)

I have a lot to lose too. But prefer to not look at the whole amount but take it 10% at a time. I have lost my first 10% and now on with the 2nd. You know it is not going to be achieved quickly but take it a day at a time and write down everything you eat to keep track

Good luck
Irene xx
I'm very much hoping that you will help me on this very scary journey :eek:
Without question - we're all in this together, and I wish I could go and live at a Minimins House.

lots of love and luck
Well, 1 week down & it's weigh in day :eek:

However, I am quite pleased with myself - i've lost 4lbs :D, which i'm quite impressed with seeing that i've been snowed in since monday and havent been able to do much exersise, I think i might have to dust off the wii fit I spent all that money on :eek:

Am off to walk the dog now (she doesn't like going far in the snow though :sigh:)

Shelley x x
Another thought - I MUST DRINK MORE WATER :tear_drop: :tear_drop: !!!!

Slipped on that a bit and not drinking enough....
Another thought - I MUST DRINK MORE WATER :tear_drop: :tear_drop: !!!!

Slipped on that a bit and not drinking enough....
Water gets hugely boring! I could have killed for a lemon barley water (how random - I've never drunk it in my life before) BUT...keep sipping it - i'm dead impressed - my skin is sooooo much clearer
Hi Shelley

I have just finished a nursing degree last September. I felt like that too, especially in lectures when we were doing health promotion and stuff. I also felt uncomfortable encouraging patients regarding food/weight-both the patients who were on specific diets to lose weight and those patients who needed to gain weight

Now I'm losing the weight though (even though I've not lost a huge amount so far) I'm feeling less hypocritical.

Good luck and well done-you're doing well so far
Know exactly where you are coming from. Good luck. Personally I'm so glad I found this forum. This could really be the making of me. (or the losing of me!)
You'll be the making of you.... we'll just be on the sidelines cheering. :party0011:
:hug99:Thanks Silence
You're very welcome :)
That's what we're all here for... to help. encourage and support eachother. Especially in a section like WeMitts where a lot of us have a lot to lose and will be here for a while!