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In Ketosis Whooo Hooooo

Hi, i am at the end of day 2 as well, but i feel absoutely awful. I have an awful headache, feel nauseas, light headed, a bit stupid and have an awful taste in my mouth, do you feel like that as well or is it just me??
Lol I am in day 1 and I'm alright for now except tht I'm just hungry but I know it will pass as it happen the time I was on LL
sorry for being dumb but can someone explain ketosis to me please :) x
Yay that's quick yummymummy, it took me about 4-5 days!

cw249 - I felt alot like you on day 2 so don't worry, just keep going and it will ease up xx
Well on day 4 now and feeling tired today but was feeling great yesterday. According to my scales i have lost 10lbs already! I have weigh in tonight (should be sunday but i cant attend then) so will soon find out.

Walshinghamdream - Ketosis is when you start buring your actual body fat rather then your immediate reserves. So you burn your reserve first then really start loosing weight by burning the stored fat on you. Thats the way i understand it anyway. Usually happens approx day 3 / 4.
woo that sounds good : how does it work? what do you have to do? xx
Basically you buy the sticks from a chemist. They are called Keostix and are for measuring Ketosis.

Then you pee on the stick (first thing in the morning is best as during the day we are all drinking so much so its not very concentrated) and when it turns deep pink your in Ketosis and are truly burning away that storage fat.

Other signs (you may not get all or any we are all different) are energetic feeling, bad breath, nasty taste in the mouth.

I think i have got all that right as i am only learning myself.

oh but how do u make yourself burn off your stored fat if u get me.. sorry for all the questions :s x
oh but how do u make yourself burn off your stored fat if u get me.. sorry for all the questions :s x
Just by doing the diet hun. The diet is designed to give you enough calories ( i think) for everday activities plus your vit and minerals for the goodness.

I have done hardly anything last few days exercise wise apart from my usual housework and so far have lost 9lbs according to my scales (will confirm later when i have weigh in with my cdc) and was in Ketosis by the evening of the 2nd day.

So it is down to sticking to the diet :)

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