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in need of a hug and some advice

hi everyone,

its 2am and i can't sleep....im to depressed.....:lost:

I restarted LL in april and so far have lost 2st.:party0038: its being really hard but ive done it.
ive still got 2st 2lb to loose.

ive being really silly over the weekend and came of the diet...:booboo:. i can't even remember why and i'm finding it hard to get back on track.:needhug:

well i going to try my hardest to restart trm morming..

Although ive lost 2st i can't see the difference in my body shape.... so many poeple have noticed my weight loss and ive gone down in clothes sizes.but everytime i look in the mirror i hate what i see and see no the weight loss.
Anyone else being through this??? any tips or advice would help

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S: 13st3.0lb C: 11st10lb G: 10st7.0lb BMI: 28.1 Loss: 1st7lb(11.35%)

dont be so hard on yourself, you are half way to your goal and that in itself deserves being shouted from the rooftops!

OK, so you came off plan at the weekend, you are defintely not the only one who has done that, but the fact that you couldnt sleep last night indicates that you've not buried your head in the sand.

I'm on my 3rd day of re-start, good luck for this morning, you can continue the last part of your journey and this will be the most motivating as your shape starts changing weekly.

sending you this xxxxx



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aww hon. a massive hug from me. i hope you are feeling better this morning. you have achieved an astounding amount. maybe take photos? it's much easier to see ourselves differently on a picture than in the mirror...

abz xx
hi guys

thanks for all advice and help...ive done what i siad... i woke up 2day and am back on track.....hope it last...let u all knw how i get on...



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S: 13st3.0lb C: 11st10lb G: 10st7.0lb BMI: 28.1 Loss: 1st7lb(11.35%)
well done hun xxxx


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Glad you are feeling more positive hun, you have done so well, keep it up hunni.xx


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Its probably because your so used to seeing yourself the way you were that you cant imagine anything different, abz is right take a pic and i bet you will see the difference. :)
I went from being a semi-professional sportsman to a 26 tone heap.

I had a number of very negative relationships and the self-loathing that I felt surrounded my weight and my appearance. 3 years ago, I embarked upon LL, then CD and I managed to lose 10 stone.

I found it really hard to really start to love myself and to take care of myself. I got lots of wonderful compliments and just enough snide remarks to know that those throwing them my way were rattled... they couldn't los their weight, they were jealous and they resented me.

I took strength from all of these comments, the good and the bad and when I felt uncomfortable with compliments, I just took a breath, smiled and said, "Thank you".

When I looked in the mirror, I repeated some positive affirmations and I started to feel so much better.

The thing is that I put it all back in a space of two years... I felt physically awful but the work that I had done has lasted and I can distinguish between the importance of looking good and being healthy, between being slim and being happy. They aren't the same...

I have started back, I am losing really well - I am sulking like a child at weekend when I can't do my favourite things - Curry, Chinese, nice bottle of wine, chocolate in front of the TV but I know that if I am to get the most out of my life and if I don't want to feel tired, sluggish and lazy, then I need to take small steps.

This approach worked really well... get through the first day and you have successfully taken a small step. Do it for 5 and why would you go back? Do it for 2 weeks and you have started to lose a very real amount of weight... I used to walk into McDonalds - wait to be served and say, "A bottle of mineral water please", pay and leave. I started to take positive choices, make healthy choices, take control... all of that by taking small steps. Don't look at the end game, take pride in your small successes. Take pride in each and every small step.. then take another one, and another... then take stock, look back - you are almost there and it really isn't worth throwing it away.

But what does throwing it away mean? Does it mean eating a meal when you shouldn't? No... it means giving up. You have not done that yet... so stay strong, take one small step ata time. A marathon is not won in a single stride.... good luck.

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